Monday, August 29, 2011

Allow Me...The Romantic Poet...

Whenever I'd like to read beautiful, romantic poetry, I turned to my friend Spencer's words... What do you think?

Allow Me

Allow my dedication
my devotion to your heart.
Allow my cravings
which arose from the start.

Allow my caresses
the churning needs I have.
Allow tender touches
to your body like a salve.

Allow my kisses
to draw you right in
to remind you of places
you've never ever been.

Allow my strummings
to raise your body's desire.
Allow my loving
to set your soul on fire.

Allow my sensations
to touch your body's pleasure
and bring on sensations
beyond your wildest measure.

Allow me to trigger
your most inner needs
as I'm learning to love you
just one of my pleads.

Del Cano 2005 Sept

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