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Lunch Break: A Different Type of Review...

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Chicken and Broccoli

As a busy book reviewer, as well as a person living alone, I often select prepared foods. They save time and money in general, while recognizing that there are issues such as high sodium in such please be sure to read your Nutrition Facts on a box for full information.

I was on Amazon Vine looking for new books to review when I spied this and thought...why not? Everybody has to eat! It had been years since I'd eaten anything with Velveeta, and had seen them advertised on TV...sounded interesting...

The box says that prep time is about 20 minutes; I cut that down by using Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken breast strips which I already had for various uses. Interestingly I had Fajita and I enjoyed the additional touch of flavor it added.

Using a large skillet, sprayed with fat free oil, I heated the chicken first and then followed directions to add the pasta, seasoning and water. The pasta in this meal was unlike any pasta I'd ever eaten--it looked like rice. Since I like my pasta al dente. I kept track of the cooking time, taste testing and so the cooking time was a little less than on the box. In the past, I've gotten similar packages that required the addition of some type of meat, and I've not had any to add. In general, I've found that the flavor of the basic seasonings are sufficient and I thought the pasta and seasonings, plus the Fajita flavor was good...

But then as the last step, after I had already added the broccoli, I added the Velveeta...

Wow - it turned the meal into something that was delicious! I've already purchased the Barbecue Chicken to try.

One thing--the dish is very heavy and filling so you might have some leftover...No problem! I zapped it today, after 2 days...and it was still very good...

No, it's not home made food...but for single living or fast dinner preparation...I think you would find this a great alternative.

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