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Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Jarad Vijay

Unbound Boxes

  Limping Gods:

Jarad Vijay

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 3998, India

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Jarad Vijay has spent the past four years, bringing up his son alone, after his wife, Alexand, was taken and placed in an asylum for (fabricated) crimes against the military. Once released she woke from a catatonic state. Six months have passed since she woke. Jarad hoped her recovery would enable him to rebuild their lives as a family. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. (Jarad and Alexand grew up together as children. They were forced into the military at a young age. Jarad left, but Alexand remained a soldier. Their lives drifted apart until a series of events brought them back together. They were married after Alexand was widowed. Jarad believes she is still grieving for her dead wife,Katherine De Somme. He is very much in love with her, but this further separation in the form of Alexand’s imprisonment, has done little for their relationship. Alexand is very traumatised by her ordeal inside the asylum and Jarad doesn’t know if he can help her recover from it.) Trivia: Why has Alexand got metal fingers? Answer: Her fingers were severed by a samurai sword, during a mission as a young woman. (See issue 9:) The sword bearer was a man dressed in a black balaclava. He appears throughout time and place. People come to know him as The Guild Master’s General, but know little about him.

My Thoughts:

Jarad is a handsome man and Alexand is looking better physically. I'm happy to see that she received metal fingers to replace her lost ones and happy she can now return to the piano. Although I can understand Jarad's desire to be more a part of her life, I wish he would realize that playing the piano is probably doing more for her right now than anything else could... Yes, the piano could represent her former spouse, but I believe it is getting lost in the music which is her real need...

I am sure Jarad is humiliated by her reaction to his gift. Still, I hope he will ponder her reaction and what she has said to try to understand... Indeed, it is very easy to stay inside... Will he force her to go out or allow her to heal at her own pace (I hope)

A tragic time...

I found beautiful pictures complementing this story, especially the first one--The Woman Who Never Was. Alexand says it is the piano that she has named... but I believe the piano now represents what she realizes...Alexand no longer exists, as she was...

The Woman Who Never Was...
Jarad Tries to Have Alexand Leave the Piano...

Have I Lost My Wife, Though She Lives?
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