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Harlan Donnally Novel is Fantastic New Series Character!

Author Steven Gore, the man
behind My New Hero!
Note to the Reader: The idea for the story told in Act of Deceit arose out of a number of events...

Act of Deceit

By Steven Gore

Steven Gore hit on so many of the issues that are facing the world today in Act of Deceit. Then I found that he had personal knowledge of everything he had covered, based upon his own career.For many reasons, his Note to the Reader held even more drama than the novel itself...

As I started reading and getting into the novel, I began to wonder just who and what this Harlan Donnally was. By the time I got to the end of the book, he was my...Hero...

Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel


Coming September 1st!

The former detective swore he'd never play anyone's postman. But a dying friend's plea takes Donnally bearing a letter alive with tragedy toward a sister long dead—the victim of the bizarre criminality of a counter culture that had lost its way.
Stunned to learn that her killer was never prosecuted, Donnally soon finds himself in battle against a broken justice system and on a trail of evil into a dangerous borderland in which the falsely pious and the wealthy abuse the young and the poor. And though each step takes him farther down a perilous path that wrenches him between his inner demons and his mission to redeem a brother's love, he won't stop until he knows the truth.
For Donnally made a promise to a dead man, and he'll keep it—or die trying. (Back Blurb)

Now here was the issue...Donnally's friend dies, sharing a deathbed secret. He's asked him to deliver a message to his long-estranged sister, who would receive his inheritance...

When he looks for her, the woman is dead, murdered.

Now, let's face it...most people would stop right there. There are no living relatives now...too bad...

But not this new Hero of mine...He starts looking for who murdered his friend's sister... He discovers that the individual who was accused has become lost "in the system" for more than 20 years! Perfect example for my coined phrase "Mindless Bureaucracy."

Even worse, the man, who has been shoved around all his life related to psychiatric issues, is probably not guilty...

Does my hero stop there?

Nooooooo...and what a mess he got into thereafter! Donnally follows a trail to find the accused murderer and gets him into the hospital, working to get him on the proper medication...

Piecing his story together takes Donnally into drug country, a commune where some members were known to be hiding from the law... and then, finally, into the life of a corrupt psychiatrist, child abuse and sex trafficking!

"It's less running than hiding." Melvin (a priest that was formerly abused by a priest) said. "I didn't realize until after we talked in Vancouver that prayer is a phenomenal form of repression, and I've spent the last decade praying like my sanity depended on it, which it did. I didn't understand until now why so many priests become alcoholics. It's prayer in a bottle..."

Not only does my hero identify everybody involved...but...

Well, let's just say that you'll love the irony of the surprise ending!

Wow! I loved this one! Can't wait for the next Harlan Donnally Novel! If you finding novels that deal with today's main issues, spotlighting corruption where it is found, whether in government, the church, or corporations, then you'll discover, like I did, a new must-read author, Steven Gore!

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