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How Much Is Really Fiction? New Novel, Dry Ice, Must Be Read!

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He, Greg Simpson, and his handpicked team had
harnessed the immense power of the earth, something
Man had tried to do for millennia by offering up
prayers and penance, by deploying methods ranging from
live sacrifices to cloud seeding. For centuries, humans
had understood that weather was a critical variable in
the outcome of wars--both the military and political
varieties. Across time and civilizations, the gods of
weather and war had been beseeched by the oppressed
and appeased by the victors. Geniuses and madmen alike
had devised plots and plans in their efforts to affect the
weather, but none had ever succeeded in wresting control
of the weather from the very forces that direct it.
Until now...
Greg's team had turned Nature itself into the last, best
weapon in the world's history...

...The Pole I'm talking about, the one Flint is interested in,
is the South Geomagnetic Pole, which is the best place to
study--or interrupt--the earth's natural electromagnetism.
And the talent they have sequestered down there on the
Ice is a stellar group, ma'am. They pilfered several of our
people from HAARP." She stopped. "Ms. President,
do you know about HAARP?"

Dry Ice

By Bill Evans
 Marianna Jameson

When you know you are reading fiction, somehow in the back of your mind, you can always remind yourself it is just fiction...and it's not quite so scary, so chilling, so terrifying...

Not so, with Dry Ice...

One author is an expert in his field--in fact he is a multiple Emmy Award-winning, nationally renowned senior meterorologist in New York City. Jameson routinely writes in the fields of aerospace, defense, and software. I include a little about their credentials because, for me, I could clearly see the writers' expertise! If you are a reader, like me, who favors novels based upon today's issues, from those writers with the knowledge and experience to effectively create solid fiction based upon...the possibilities...then Dry Ice is your next must-read!

You see, when experts write fiction, especially this one about the weather, you're never quite sure just how much of what is described is not already happening...

"...A small cluster of the resident geniuses tapped away at their keyboards, working silently and nearly elbow to elbow in the 'sandbox,' the sequestered communal work area that occupied one end of the installation's high-security upper level. Some of the researchers were crafting new algorithms or speculating on outcomes, while others conducted white- and black-box testing of their software. Uniformly, their tasks were labors of love in a research endeavor never before undertaken by any private company. Governments had tried, but none had succeeded because none had had the leadership of a man as single-minded and intent on success as the one in charge of TESLA: Greg Simpson...its true purpose was known to few. TESLA existed to influence the weather. Perhaps control would be the better word. Or manipulate..."

But once weather has been manipulated...the results may not be just what was created--it can continue on, creating further and further devastation! The old saying is relevant..."It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

Because it is Mother Nature who becomes the main character in this novel!

And Greg Simpson thought he now controlled her!

Actually, Greg Simpson had been doing projects that were not approved by his boss...specifically, a number that was requested by a high-ranking government official. When it was discovered, his superiors realized that it might not be easy to actually get him to leave his position and steps were taken to hire his replacement and send her in, with security staff and company human resources personnel to get him out.

Dry IceBut it was already too late. There had been enough early discussions for Simpson to begin to realize they wanted him out. But his ego wouldn't allow him to accept that they could get along without him. And he knew exactly how to show them!

Tess Beauchamp had been hired to replace Simpson, only to arrive on her first day and be met with the terror, the unbelievable devastation that immediately began to happen across the world...

I consider this a must-read for anybody who has any, I mean any, interest in ensuring that corporate and/or governmental power nevernever becomes unstoppable... But has it already happened? Think about how many disasters have been caused by "natural causes" (the weather)...

Scary, Compelling, Terrifyingly Real! Read It!

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