Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: The Floating Asylum

Unbound Boxes

  Limping Gods:

The Floating Asylum

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 3995, somewhere in The Pacific Ocean

Juba Apfvarzian was a good magician. He woke up in an asylum ship, after performing a particularly skilful illusion. Magic can apparently get you into a lot of trouble, in an increasingly intolerant world. Alexand Merek has survived for three years inside the asylum, outliving everyone. She doesn’t know how she has survived, she just wants to be somewhere far away.

My Thoughts:

Whew! This imagined future for the world is very scary! It reminded me of the old days of fighting/killing for spectators...it seems, at least for this author, the future is just as grim...

Still, Alexand has lived where most others have died...are the experiments different for the various prisoners or is she such an exceptional individual--a survivor...

My imagined world in 3995 would be an ocean free from any
contaminations and lovers walking along the beach...Others
watching smile and remember young love...


The stacked cages remind me on animal cages used for poultry and other animals...does this indicate that it is now people who are the recipients instead of animals...Moore opens the reader's imagination into the exploration of a "possible" future... I recognize that I could not imagine having to live there...

A story such as this forces me to read on...I want to learn more...I am sure Alexand will survive, but will she have changed by this experience?

Question for Cheryl:

I note that in your character descriptions you use "partner" as opposed to spouse...Is that merely a consistency factor to allow for sexual orientation...or...does your future have "marriage" and "spouses"?