Friday, August 5, 2011

Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Farokh Merek

Unbound Boxes 

  Limping Gods: 


Farokh Merek

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 3988, China

Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Disconnected Stories. Issue # 16: 

Farokh Merek

Farokh is thirteen and has just lost his father, Eric, to a heart attack. He is angry with his father for dying and longs for a different life, somewhere better than his homeland. He wants to be like his older sister, Alexand. Nothing will convince him that life in the army isn’t the great adventure he dreams about. The mandarin in the second drawing reads, “Beloved Father.” It was placed there by Heyem in his honour. This story is set a few weeks after issue # 9: The Guild Master’s General.


My Thoughts:
Although it was sad, I am happy to see that the loss of Alexand's fingers was the only result from her fight. But her father died while traveling to the hospital to see her, and at the funeral, we meet her two siblings and, it seems, her lover. I find I am compelled to go see the story for each character as they are introduced and study their pics. But it becomes addictive, when you go to the backstory, then you see other stories where that character appears. I found myself itching to go out and read those...but must wait...
Farokh, I think, will definitely follow in the footsteps of his hero older sister... 
I am not an artist and don't see the similarities between siblings, yet they are unique enough I hope to ultimately do so. The second drawing with Alexand having hair has forced me to pay more attention...I find I want to recognize these main characters... They become so much more real when you can immediately see their picture and learn about their story!
Even though I'm working ahead for posting, I find I want to continue with the story... The capture of what is essentially a "scene" as opposed to a story is intriguingly frustrating...

I'm wondering whether Cheryl should even try for printing of her novels. I find the interactive advantages refreshing, unique, and compelling... Serial Magazine style??? It makes me think about the future of books...sites to which you pay/subscribe to??? For surely Cheryl's work deserves attention as well as financial feedback to her!