Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reading: Unbound Boxes Limping Gods: Samuel Merevija

Unbound Boxes
  Limping Gods:

Samuel Merevija

By Cheryl Moore

Time Line: 3996, India

My Thoughts:

I was first distracted by the Samuel personal info being as a grown it set me off to see some more of his earlier pictures. I found the last one, entitled Motherhood, unbearably sad for some reason...

One thing Moore does is elicit emotions! You can find larger versions of the pics on Cheryl's blog by clicking the title of this are linked to the individual data sheet illustrated here in upper right-hand corner... Readers are indeed entering another world when we've accepted Cheryl's invitation!

This story of Samuel is heartbreaking, especially because his father doesn't have the strength to be patient with Sam and attempt to explain his own actions toward Sam's gestures of love and his trying to understand... On his data sheet, it shows Samuel later loses quite a bit of his certainly is a hard world in which this family has found itself! 

These shorter stories do indeed force the reader to this world...we crave to know more about the books!


Question for Cheryl:

Your microstories do indeed solicit interest in your novels! How did you think, or decide, to create the short stories to merge with your art work? The stories are disconnected, but do they dwell only before your novels begin? Or do they sometimes supplement or complement what is covered in the books?
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