Monday, October 19, 2009

Latest Poetry from Thomas Kemp - Author of Your Poet Is

In my mind I would always see her curls as pine cones,
Hanging or falling down from the side of her skull.
What you ask, do I mean?
As a child she wanted to be known as a trouble maker,
And Irish kid with mossy green eyes.
Like someone who is always out front
and hounding the neighbor boys.
If it were not for her Dad…Bruno
The boys would have won.
But, he saw to it that she could
handle herself playing baseball,
kickball or in the woods,
hunting butterflies and birds...
listening to the blarney
she heard
from the lips of faithless men.
So, you think she was a tomboy, no I do not agree…
She was a tom tom boy in a girl’s pretty Sunday school dress,
With pine cones for curls hanging about her head...

Thomas kemp/poet