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Right to an Attorney Challenges Reader With Complex Story Wow!

An upfront comment... I had to work to read this book... There were many characters and I found I couldn't keep them all straight. Because of the story, however, I could see why there were so many, and I was able to follow the storyline without worrying about learning the names of the characters, except for the main ones. Once I made that internal decision, I discovered what an amazing book this really is... If you like psychological thrillers and can accept a writer's challenge to follow the story where it is leading, then you, too, may find it just as fascinating as I did...

“My research tells me that you have state and federal licenses and that you also practice in California.” 
“Yes. I moved here from California four years ago. Did the crime occur here in Pennsylvania or in California?” 
He said, “Here. Harrisburg. I’ll eventually face more unrelated charges in California. I’ve already retained counsel there, though I haven’t met her yet. I’ll need for you to assist with that case as well.” 
Janet shut her eyes tightly then quickly opened them. “Let’s start over, this time from the beginning. The two homicides…” 
He grabbed the newspaper and opened it up to page 3A. He folded the paper below an article then gave it to her. “Read the story about the missing investment banker and his driver. They’ve only been reported as missing, but pretty soon the cops will eventually investigate it as a double homicide. I believe this because a white guy named Eric Adkins will likely tell the police that I killed them.” 
Janet was reading the article but stopped and said, “And why would this Eric guy say such a thing about you? Try to answer that without incriminating yourself.” 
“Well, I owe him some money.” 
“How much money?” “That depends,” Dexter smiled, “on how much you think is fair.” She began reading again but stopped and said, “How much does Eric think is fair?” 
“About $ 3.3 billion.” She looked up at him. The number caught her attention only because she’d heard it more than once this morning on her way to work. The $ 3.3 billion investment scam had been all over the radio.
He leaned forward, gently pulled the paper from her delicate hands, and showed her the front page. THE $ 3.3 BILLION TRAFFIC STOP. “You can read about the traffic stop first; it’s more interesting,” he said. Janet studied him, looking for signs that this guy was just playing games. 
He said, “Why the silent treatment?” 
“I don’t know if I should take you seriously.” She didn’t mean to say that. Actually, she meant to say it but it came out wrong. This could be her career client. She would have to be careful with her words, careful not to run him off to another lawyer. “I mean, are you kidding me?” She smiled.
“How much for a high-profile double homicide?”
“Why don’t we wait until you’re charged before we talk numbers?” 
“How about we do this my way? Give me a price or decline representation.” 
She held his stare for a few seconds. “How does a half million sound? That would also cover my investigators, experts, and…”
“I have a better idea.” He opened his briefcase, removed two documents and four stacks of hundred-dollar bills, and dropped the six items on her desk. “That’s $ 100,000 cash, just to get you to take me seriously.” She was definitely taking him seriously now. “That’s yours if you agree to do everything my way. I’ll pay your fee of $500,000 as soon as I’m indicted, and you’ll get another 2.4 million if I’m not convicted. All of that includes your assistance with whatever charges I may face in California as well. Any questions?”

Right to an Attorney:
A Psychological Legal Thriller

By R. Sims

Dexter Parker had already started working on the whole plan many months ago... An a brilliant financial high roller, he had the contacts, the background, and the charisma to persuade... I thought of one man who would easily play the part--Denzil Washington. Denzil who has been called one of the Bad-Ass actors of all time. Readers might find that Dexter Parker would fit in that badass category too... Cool, sophisticated, and...B A D...

Now I wouldn't want to see a steady of diet of the bad guys winning, but there is a softer side of Dexter that comes through as the story goes on, especially for responding to the needs of a certain charity... So, I have to admit, I was watching this Dude soar through every glitch that came up and, with the help of his attorney, Janet, played by Viola Davis.... I picked her as soon as I'd read the court scenes... Janet is a beginning but also intelligent lawyer who, when she starts negotiating for working with Dexter, soon allow her mind to wander far from the money he's offering as she explores his physical presence and how she's feeling about being with him...

At that point, I should point out that there is a number of explicit sex scenes, as Janet lets Dexter know that she requires much more than the job, the money, and him... She requires her own...satisfaction... Quickly I should also mention Dana, another female lawyer who is being interviewed and hired, but... well, let's just say, she's not part of Dexter's life later in the story... And, oh yes, just one other little tidbit that plays into their relationship... Dexter is looking for the future mother of his child... Whew!

Readers are brought into the book as various criminal partners to Dexter are being discovered... Some talk, some blame Dexter as the bad guy, but readers think that Dexter is already aware of what they people might do...Is Dexter also able to evaluate the psychological strength of each of his connections? Readers will begin to think so...

Especially when you consider that a small group of people were able to successfully sell, scam, and steal billions of dollars from some fairly high profile mega-dollar investors!

Now, I have to tell you that when you're talking about hundreds of thousands and more dollars used to pay for each and every thing that must or could happen during such a money scam, that goes well beyond my ability to comprehend...I mean, do you even have to keep any type of accounting process when there is that much money available to you? LOL... In any event, Dexter is shelling out money to as many people that are in the many, that you'll never remember their names...maybe just what they were paid, LOL! For instance, students were being hired at $1000/day to march and support Dexter in front of the court house during his trial...

And, about that trial, Dexter was doing all the planning upfront as to when he would be willing and able to start dealing with the legal system... Of course, by that time, the biggest investor in the scam, who'd lost $1Billion had made his own arrangements about getting his and all of the rest of the money! And that's when the kidnapping comes in...

But who, exactly, had that money and where was it?

R. Sims has put this book out for feedback and comment...He has placed the main character as a criminal, yet shows the good he is trying to do. We wonder, what will he do with the last billions he'd stolen? I think I'd like to see more to find out!

At first I thought the author might be a woman...his two female lawyers were written to be strong characters who were willing to both meet Dexter on his terms, as well as to demand their own. No matter whether male or female, he has shown me the ability to create an empathetic and contemporary female character...

As mentioned earlier, I always root for the good guy, so while I cannot personally support the actions of the main character, I cannot allow that to detract from the brilliance of the plot, the writing, the continuity, and how each action and most words push the story forward... I can easily applaud the author's writing, and commend the story in response to his upfront statement of his art following today's world... As many know, I read many similar stories which focus on today's world events and I believe this author has captured, through his experience, the ability to become well known for his writing choices... I recommend him as an author to watch as he publishes his already-written books...

RIGHT TO CONFRONT HER: A Female-Driven Revenge Thriller... was released Friday, December 9, 2016, as an e-book (now with Kindle Unlimited participation). RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY: A psychological-Legal Thriller That Will Dupe You Senseless... was released November 3, 2016, as an e-book and a paperback (also with Kindle Unlimited participation). The next R. Sims thriller will be released in late March 2017.

While most thrillers are written from the perspective of the good guy, an R. Sims thriller could focus on life from the bad guys’ point of view, and the bad guy could actually win every once in a while. And, because human beings are so complex, sometimes the bad guy might actually be the good guy as well. Just trying to make art imitate life whenever possible. You have been warned.

Just want you to know what my thrillers hope to establish. Having pointed that out, I am asking you all to judge my storytelling and editing skills, and try not take anything personal. Can I write well? Can I tell a good story? I invite you to fairly criticize my works based on those two things. I write thrillers, so don't be surprised to find violence, unethical behavior, corruption, deception, lies, vivid and explicit sex scenes and some extra homicides. Just another warning. But I can promise you the story will be well-written with multiple plots that all tie-in seamlessly.

R. Sims is a native of Rock Hill, South Carolina. He is the editor of more than 35 novels, ghostwriter of more than 20 books, and author of 5 unpublished thrillers. He expects to release his unpublished books once monthly. He also writes as James Sims when dabbling in the African-American Urban Fiction genre (violent and action-packed). see GodMother: The Rise of TeTe; Anybody Can Get it; Dirty South Queen…

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