Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spotlighting Sacred Music With Andrea Bocelli...

Andrea Bocelli (b. 1958) Bocelli is an Italian singer of beautiful voice, who was blinded by a childhood soccer accident. He sings to the new millennium as a man from Tuscany who rose to stardom during the 1990s as an opera star and popular singer, with his records selling in the millions. A Golden Globe heads his list of awards.

In case you haven't read it here before, I'm a fan of this man! In fact, if I were a "star swooner" this is the man I'd be swooning over! LOL

Thanks again to Guy Graybill for allowing me to use parts of his fantastic book, Bravo!

For this one, however, I'm dedicating this page to Adolfo Caso
who brought to me all things Italian through his books and poetry...
and became a friend...

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