Thursday, February 23, 2017

from Downloading the World...Shared by Poet Gilbert Wesley Purdy

from Downloading the World

The empty pizza boxes stacked beside the door, 
the tamped-out smokes, the laundry on the floor, 
all bathed in bluish glow, 
he settles back and clicks his mouse, 
at which the room is filled with music
 and the screen with joyful dancing at a wedding feast, 
from Bosnia, perhaps, or from Khartoum,
 the bridegroom flushed with pride, the bride demure, 
the revelers all in third-world couture.

Another click: his favorite team.
The highlights from an earlier game:
homerun, homerun, homerun,
a fielder backed against the wall for each.

Another click he’s on the fan blog commenting,
a virtual chaw now adding menace to his virtual jaw:
Ace should have pitched around the clean-up man.
Instead his curveball hung.
 The outfield shift,
when so-and-so was up, was off a bit.
Fan Page

Click, the Paris Universal Exposition, 1900,

passersby, the question in their ageless faces turning smile
 as they realize the wondrous world they live in,
tip their bowlers, think to tell their friends
 they’re moving pictures now,

 and click, a dark sky turning ponderous,
bolts illuminating towering arches,
where tornado chasers keep the watches.


Used by Permission

Gilbert's poetry manuscript, *Mind Dance*, has been shortlisted for the Anita Dorn Memorial Award for Poetry. His poems have received numerous awards from World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets and other literary organizations.

Gilbert Wesley Purdy is a widely published freelance essayist, translator, reviewer and poet, and the Review Section Editor at Eclectica Magazine. His work has appeared in many fine journals, paper and electronic, including: Jacket Magazine, Poetry International (San Diego State University), The Georgia Review (University of Georgia), Grand Street, SLANT (University of Central Arkansas),The Evansville Review (University of Evansville), Consciousness Literature and the Arts (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), Orbis (UK),and Valparaiso Poetry Review. His books include: Edward De Vere was Shake-speare: at long last, the proof; Was Shakespeare Gay? Straight Male Scholarly Angst and Shakespeare's Sonnets ; Henry David Thoreau and Two Other Autistic Lives: before the diagnosis existed; Discovered: A New Shakespeare Sonnet (or three, actually); and Red Pill, Blue Pill: the Real Matrix.

This is a fun poem, isn't it...It is a superb picture of our lives as we daily use the Internet to tour the world... Note, selection of team was selected by me on the three home run phenomena and does not reflect the author's favorite far as I am aware! 😉

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