Sunday, February 5, 2017

Across the Ocean shared by Regis Auffray...

Across the Ocean

I was conceived
Beyond the ocean

Years ago
Long after I had been born here
I went back to the place
Across the ocean
Where I first began
Or so my father showed me

That was a year before
I was blessed with my first child

By some coincidence of time and place
She was begun there as well
That summer

In the land of my ancestors
The Celts
In Brittany

I come from across the ocean
But I am home here

Although I appreciate
My beginnings

 I know that most of my contacts know little about my “penchant” for poetry and music,
This piece of music from one of my most favourite Celtic singers (Nolwenn Leroy) goes with my latest “poem” which I wrote as I thought about my “roots.”
I know where I come from (the land and such) but all else beyond that remains a mystery to me.

© Regis Auffray

Bretagne, France  Brittany, France

Regis, thanks so much for allowing me to share this...

I respond with one of my favorite Celtic groups...

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