Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Major SOP Change at Book Readers Heaven...and If The Talk Can Spotlight Cher, So Can I!

Just out of high school and in my first job...I loved this song!

Never Saw This Before! You? Loved Tina too!

Want More - Watch The Talk at 2 PM Today for entire Hour!

Standard Operating Procedure Change!

For many years now, I've been posting one article each day. For the last week or so, I've changed that...posting as I complete each review or article... This is a major change because readers will not necessarily know when I've finished a review and posted!

On the other hand, by keeping to a schedule of one post a day, I sometimes had to hold books that I'd already read for several days...I think I've caught up now and posted reviews for all books I've read and will continue to do so...

Effect for you, the Reader of Book Readers Heaven? More reviews faster... with one requirement...

The easiest way in the future to ensure you haven't missed any postings is to enter Book Readers Heaven, the Magazine! There you will see everything posted in list form and you can scroll down to the point where you last read and start reading until you are caught up--or just select the particular article you'd like to read! 

You will note this month that there is an entire book, Culture vs. Copyright, now available under the Author's Authoright License approval... Authors you might want to read my review first...For me, the book is a potential future publishing issue and I thought you might be interested in at least scanning the topics...

Also you might have missed Kenneth Eade's latest Paladine book, Traffick Stop! Wow...what a series! It's on Human Trafficking, an issue I am very concerned about...you learn about it and read a great thriller at the same time...

Another non-fiction this month is by Gilbert Wesley Purdy, with Elitism and the Election Of Donald Trump. I believe it is an important book...it does start with the election; however, the scope of the book is far broader... I'm in the midst of putting together questions for a discussion with the author, so do check out my review before then and watch for when it is up! You can also see a first posting of part of one of his poems in his latest poetry book... 

I loved Dude...a picture book on non-verbal communication for kids... And I've got to mention Steven Manchester's latest, Ashes, about two brothers who are traveling across the country to bury the ashes of their abusive, hated father... Murder Mysteries, including 3 teen mysteries which includes foreign language lessons, poetry, music, and so much more! Catch up Now! Here's the exact location, so click over and bookmark it and hurry back!

Or...More Cher?

See Ya at 2 PM in front of the TV!

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