Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guest Blogger, Kathy Steinemann, Shares from Her Book Nag, Nag, Nag...Review Coming

Valentine Verdict

 Megan shops for a Valentine card. Can’t believe I’ve been with the old coot forty-two Februarys. What kind of Valentine should I choose? Funny or serious? So many to pick from. Pop-up, holographic, musical— No way I’m getting a singing card. Emmett hates them. Although this one with the “Wild Thing”
soundtrack and a burly guy in leathers next to a motorbike looks interesting. Emmett keeps asking for a Harley, but I’m too scared to let him buy one since Paul’s accident. … Maybe— Crap, that’s loud! Nope. Music is definitely out. Besides, one look at this, and he might start making googly eyes at motorcycles again. 

Here’s one with a bouquet of roses and violets on front. Sort of like the flowers he gave me at grad. Ah, the good old days. Gas was cheap, we could still make out in the drive-in, and nobody was glued to cell phones or computer tablets. The grandkids don’t know what they’re missing. What’s happening to the world? By the time Violet and Lisa learn to drive, they’ll have to mortgage their left arm and liver to buy a tank of gas. They hardly talk anymore. It’s all e-mail and Facebook and Twitter. Guess I should stop bellyaching about stuff I can’t change and look inside. 
Violets are blue, 
Roses are red, 
I love you a lot, 
’Specially in bed.
 Sounds like something a horny teenager would say. Or something I might have said way back when. Where do they find the airheads who write these rhymes? In high school? 

Oh, I like this. A silhouetted couple embracing on the beach. Beautiful artwork with seagulls and starfish. Reminds me of our honeymoon. I can almost hear the swish of the waves and smell the kelp wrapped around our toes. And Emmett pulling me close, then hiding in a quiet cove while we … Makes me tingle just thinking about it. 

I think about you every moment, every day. 
You inspire me, complete me, in every way. 
We’ve been through a lot, two as one, 
But our life together is still not done. 
I cherish each kiss, each soft embrace, 
And when I dream, I see your face. 
You’re my love, my all, my shining knight.
In your sturdy arms, the world is bright.

This is too freakin’ mushy. I’d never talk like that, and Emmett knows it. 

Here’s one with an hourglass on the cover. Strange graphic for a Valentine. 

The sands of nature sift and flow
Our bodies age, our brains grow slow
The wrinkles deepen, aches increase …

Ugh. That’s too damn depressing. Won’t
Sorry, I just had to...
I've met Emmett...
even finish reading it. Let’s see … A couple cuddled up in a porch swing. Looks like our swing. It’s even green like ours. Blank inside. Yup, this is the one that I want. The one that I want—ha ha. Makes me think of that song from Grease. 

We were married five years when it came out. Necked in the back row of the theater on our anniversary. Had to return and see the movie again the following week because we missed so much of it. ~*~ 

Twenty minutes of thinking and rethinking and writing, and this is the best I can do? Crap. Let me give it one more try. Emmett, It’s Valentine’s. I can do better than that. 

Dearest Emmett, 
You always tell me you don’t have conversations with me because you don’t want to interrupt my nagging...

That’s not a very good beginning. But he’s right about the nagging. Okay, I think I’ve got it...

Dearest Emmett, I know I nag too much. It’s because I’m frustrated about getting old. But I’m growing old with you, and that makes me happy. You make me happy. If I had to do it all over again, I’d marry you in a heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. All my love, Megan

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