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Friday, April 18, 2014

RM DAmato Presents Future I Hope I Never Live to See!

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis..."You see," Sanchez continued,,,"Chaplin once said that Hitler imitated his mustache," He heard a small laugh. "So, to return the favor, Chaplain made a movie called "The Dictator. He plays the role of a dictator who has been mistakenly elevated to a position of power. Also, the brilliance of it all is that Chaplikn represents an oppressed minority like the Jews in Hitler's Germany. At the end of the movie, he mocks Hitler's speech with a different version of his diatribe and evil ranting. Let's look at it." On the screen, Charlie Chaplin, wearing a pseudo-Nazi unjiform labeled with X's instead of swastikas, sat with some cronies and reluctantly decided to gtive a speech. Despite his apprehensions, he nervously spoke in front of citizens and party officials...
I Have Three Things to Tell You My Friend

By RM DAmato

Perhaps because of living in a small town where we knew our school teachers, but especially after I started working for a university and realized that instructors made less than many working at that university, I've always felt strongly about the lack of support for education and especially teachers. This book reminded me of not only that fact, but that I was, as told to me by a counselor, used and abused by an institution and then thrown aside... Sure, there are others like me...but not as bad as it's going to get according to the author of this futuristic novel...

I started by sharing a video that I never knew existed. It's by Charlie Chaplin... Had you ever heard of or seen it? In the novel, it is part of a lecture by a provisional teacher. His mentor is allowing him to take over his class as he decides whether he wishes to stay teaching for his career. His partner wants him to become a lawyer, seemingly to me because of the low pay as opposed to anything else... Not only was I impressed with the lecture, which of course, was created by the author whose professional experience supports that role, but because it was one of the few lectures he might ever give. Amazing! You see, in the future, there are few teachers who do more than provide support as our youth are taught electronically by a canned and, more importantly, approved course curriculum... There is no free thinking on the part of teachers, or little of it...

Teacher (Photo credit: ben110)
While the setting is within a college, the rules and regulations actually are government controlled. It is hoped that Education professions will ultimately be eliminated due to electronic advances. Until then, funds have lowered routinely... Mr. Sinclair is the main character, although the Janitor is just as much in the same situation as Sinclair. In fact, everything regarding your career includes the need to know how old you are. Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Sinclair are near the time of, well, shall I just say, rehabilitation at this time...
You see, new medical sciences advances have allowed age to be stopped and your body energized and enhanced to a point that the individual is just about ready to start his career...The catch? You must choose a new profession, be retrained and committed to that career for the remainder of your life... 160 years...                                                                                                                                                                                      Don't want to keep on working, especially if you can't stay in the career you love? Well, you can choose to retire. But don't plan to live beyond your 80th birthday... THAT'S THE LAW!
Not exactly a great time to be living; that is, if you ever planned to have some kind of life outside of working... After all, you are owned by the government once you sign your job contract...

Now while Sinclair is mentoring his possible replacement, he also is spending time talking to lawyers and friends about what he should choose to do.  He's considering a new field in Engineering! And is working on an old motor bike even though he hasn't been able to get it running. His wife has left for Japan and he's almost sure she won't be back as she leaves. So he could potentially be alone or perhaps try to find somebody new...

Ironically, the janitor has taken a liking to him, almost as an equal. Mr. Smith has self-educated himself, although that cannot help him in his possible reassignment. He hates his boss and loves a woman who is also a janitor... But his greatest love is opera and he spends time listening to it and even invites his beloved to go to an opera.  She announced at the end of the evening that she hated it... and without saying it... a whole lot more!

Daily activities of these individuals are also included and readers can see that there is not much "life" to celebrate... Life is centered around work... And the same old philosophical debates are, of course, still going on because nobody will ever agree...

I had most of what would be happening figured out...or at least I thought I did! But I was totally wrong, except for the young man who was being mentored by Sinclair... So, I was wrong--but-- you know, I was totally accepting of the ending! In fact, if I were living at that time...

Now you are not going to understand why this video is added unless you read the book...Still, it fits soooo well... I just can't tell you why and not let you be surprised! 

"So decide...Go the easy or go,,,a crazy Pagliaccio..."

It is hard to say that I loved this book, but, for me, it was mind-blowing! And, yet, as I consider my own evaluation of the work environment in the world, I find it both memorable and believable--
tooooo believable. Ponder whether you work to live or live to work... I once lived to work and found that nobody really appreciated it as long as contributed to the bottom line and expected no respect, courtesy or a life beyond that job...

If you've ever felt like that, this might be a must-read to help you face reality... You decide!


About the Author

RM Damato received a B.A. in English from California State University, Northridge in 1982 and an M.A. in English from U.S.C. in 1983. He worked as an assistant editor for the Los Angeles Times but spent most of his career as a teacher in California and Florida. He is married with one daughter.  Currently, he is an adjunct professor at Florida International University. His second novel, I Have Three Things to Tell You, will be completed in 2014 and it will illustrate the state of the public educational system in the near future. Also, a collection of poetry, The Random Musings of a Late Baby Boomer, will be completed in 2014.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Poe Consequence - Where Horror and Street Fiction Collide! By Keith Steinbaum...

The Poe Consequence

Swat rubbed his face and flinched
at the surprising swelling circling
his right eye...his fingers seemed
to touch melted wax...he felt
disturbed by the gauze=like
fuzziness of his vision...

By Keith Steinbaum

English: the signature of Edgar Allan Poe Espa...

English: Edgar Allan Poe.
English: Edgar Allan Poe.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia


Are you a fan of Edgar Allan Poe? Do you enjoy the dark, the macabre? Have you by chance read The Tell Tale Heart? A vid is provided if you'd like it as background. Even if you don't listen to it all, play a little
and set the mood... For you are about to learn of a contemporary novel based upon his works... Can you get too involved with Poe? Some have and have learned of the

Read on only if you dare...

They were both there that night... 

All the Diablos were looking for was their had been reported that The Lobos would be there. It was time for some payback... Tonight was the night. They saluted Apache and went searching...

Their enemy was worried about something far less than respect for a fallen one...The were out of beer! No money...guess they had to get it the usual way...just where would they go tonight...

It happened to be the same store that a certain professor was headed for... for a quick stop that would, unfortunately, end that night!
In the cool, reflective silence, as the six other Diablos
surrounded the candle's meditative flame, Face turned
to contemplate the ultimate legacy to Apache's artistic
 gift...Carlos had come to represent victory over the
...But Face sensed the possibility of another spirit. A
different  kind of warrior. An uncommon type of war.

Warren and Kevin, twins, had bonded early and remained close, although not necessarily with the same interests.

Warren had loved the works of Poe 
Seizing the last can of Bud, King walked through the
darkness to the other side of the park...From his first day
in the gang, two things were made clear: You could die
any day, so every moment you're alive, live it as a Lobo.
And because you could die any day, if you wanted something
bad enough, do whatever the fuck it takes to get it.
Miguel "King" Ruiz had learned his lessons well, and
tonight he wanted to get drunk and party like a Lobo--
no matter what it took...
Either way, man or woman, somebody was gonna be his
bitch tonight.
and had carried that love and interest in literature into his professional decisions and became a professor. 

While in New Orleans, Warren planned to take advantage of the location and visit a psychic. Kevin enjoyed launching into his usual tirade about con artists. But nothing would dissuade Warren.

Although when he got back, he didn't want to share what he had been told...

In fact he had run out of her place before she had finished the last card in his Tarot spread... 

Can't say I blame him--she was telling him a lot of strange, eerie stuff!

Still, there was no reason for Warren to connect that fortune with stopping at a corner store that night. The Lobos were already there, getting ready to get that beer for the party to come. When the Diablos learned where they would be, they planned a drive-by...

But Warren and his son got in the middle and when one grabbed Warren's son, he ran to get him and was shot in the back. Face had yelled, trying to ensure nobody hit the boy, but they didn't realize that Warren also was an outsider...
Dean had long ago accepted the general populace's ignorance concerning most of the depressing bullshit that cops see every day. Dean just wanted to do whatever he could to keep the lid on the ever-simmering cauldron of violence, but he hadn't been doing a good job of it in recent weeks. There had been a total of seventeen reported deaths between the Lobos and Diablos over the last two and a half months and eight of them were diagnosed as heart failure. Eight massive
heart attacks striking young men with no previous history of heart problems...
and why only to those two gangs...
It is amazing to realize that this is a first novel for Steinbaum... He brings the literary horror message from Poe, and in particular The Tell Tale heart, and adds it to Street Lit gang banger activities directly from the LA streets! No wonder the police have no idea how to deal with the deaths that began to happen...There was no physical evidence, no witnesses, no reason for death, at least until the autopsy showed what was inside each body.  Of course each of the eyes were affected as well.

Only when an enterprising police officer started a matrix connection was it clear that once a member of either of these two gangs killed somebody, then that individual would be killed the next day... Kevin who had worked on a set of gang-related articles was even brought in by the police, hoping he could add info from his early meetings...

There are a couple of paranormal issues thrown into that mix that really spices up the adventure for readers. Got to say I loved the concept, the story line and the implementation merge of today's world with the one present during Poe's time.  Whew! The Poe Consequence is scary, eloquent, weird, literary writing at its finest and a story worthy, in my opinion, of being a followup to Poe's classics!


About the Author

As a professional lyricist, Keith Steinbaum has co-written songs that have been heard throughout the world. His poetry has been published in various anthologies, and he received an International Poet of Merit award from the International Society of Poets. This is his first novel.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Am That Fool by Rick Cornell - Strangely Interesting Legal Debut!

"Hi, honey! Well, the jury came back: not guilty on all counts!"
"Good  for  you. Congratulations."
"Yeah, well, this is only the tenth time in the history of this county that this has happened. And the first time for a gangbanger. We gotta celebrate!"
"Celebrate by yourself. It's your victory; it isn't mine.
...Now the slow burn started to rage...And what do I get...A beer, hell! I'm going to The Proud Stallion! 
Under ordinary circumstances, Ryan would have given that idea another thought. The Proud Stallion was a strip club on the east edge of town. It was notoriously mobbed up...And, of course, Tania and he argued for days...
But at this point, Ryan didn't care. He thought of the opera, Carmen, and Escamillo, the bullfighter, Toreador, en garde! Kill the bull and then bang the gorgeous gypsy senorita! That's the way to go! I've vanquished the bull; not I get to taste the fruits of my victory! Give me women! At least two at a time! I deserve this, by God! I've had my dinner, and now it's dessert time! I'm going!

I Am That Fool
By Rick Cornell

Drinking and driving don't mix...add a sexual act and you may be heading for disaster!!! Ryan Browne was a brilliant lawyer. He knew the law and chose to ignore it...maybe...

Or did he?

Browne had just won another battle against the Prosecutor's Office.  That a gangbanger was going free was not the issue. That was the Prosecutor's problem. For him it was adding a win to his score.
But he tried to be congenial as he left, noting "Good Work, David..." All that did was start an argument ending with a sucker punch from Schlegel, the Prosecutor. The judge's bailiff had to break it up!

So maybe it wasn't surprising when, after his wife, refused to go out with him to celebrate, he wound up getting in trouble... Still...

Ryan thought of Jesse Parker and became
melancholy. Jesse would blow the case wide open.
,,,she was the best investigator in town. Town?
Best in the whole damn state...
And the thought that Jessie would never see this
case had Ryan feeling kind of blue...
They left the club...and headed
farther east, past the beginning of
the sleazy...motels known as
"hooker row," toward the locally
infamous one-night stand dive
known as the "Share-a-Hon".
Ryan felt Celeste unzip his fly
and drop her head down...That
was the last thing Ryan
 remembered of that night...

He was involved at the time of the much so that he had been bit...

His wife was so mad when it all came out that, having control of the family savings, she refused to post Bail... Cruel, right? At least I thought so...

Ryan was of course offered a lawyer since

   Abraham Lincoln
 Had It Right - “He who
 represents himself
has a fool for a client”
he couldn't afford it--
actually that seemed a little "iffy" to me legally since they had millions in the bank... Anyway, knowing of the condition of funding for the public defender office, Ryan chose to represent himself... But what he really needed was an investigator...

Fortunately, Ryan's son make an overture toward him, even though his wife was angry and trying to keep them apart... And, interesting while he was in jail, he made friends with a couple of guys that were able to help! And, Jesse Parker came to his rescue even though he couldn't pay her fees... What began to be discovered, however, was what was amazing... None of the actual events such as Ryan being bitten had been placed in the record. Nor was a toxicological test done even though Ryan had exhibited lack of control, etc. at the time of the wreck. But most important was what was discovered about the physical condition of the woman he'd been with and what happened thereafter...  

The actual story does not come too much as a surprise, given the book blurb. What makes it such a fantastic book is the actual events being carried out! Clearly this lawyer/writer knows the ins and outs of our court system, but also has the experience to have knowledge of what goes on in reality, to make this one story that is thrilling as well as unbelievably realistic!

Included as an afterword are some fun questions just to close out any final thoughts readers might have. If you enjoy legal drama like I do, check this one out!

The first place the newly-freed Ryan Browne went was to dinner with Beau, Bonita, and his grandkids. The second place he went the next morning was to Judge Linton's chambers...
Judge Linton eyed Browne suspiciously. She kept her courtroom demeanor up. "Can I help you, Mr. Browne?"
"Yeah, I want to see this so-called 'thinking chair'! I want to know where to buy one!
Her Honor immediately loosened up. "Over here, in the corner. See that? I got this from The Sharper Image. It's a padded rocking chair and what you do is put your ipod over here, then the music you want to play goes into the speakers, right here. And if you really want to concentrate, you can put the headphones on, like so."
"Cool! So, let me ask you if I may, when you were thinking of all of those decisions, what music were you listening to?"
The real Slim Shady just gets me going...


About the Author

This is the first novel of Rick Cornell. He is a 61-year-old attorney who lives in Reno, Nevada, with his wife, Denise, and specializes in criminal appeals and writs. From his 34 years of experience, he has a vast knowledge of "crazy true stories," some high profile for Nevada. But this is fiction - or so he claims.
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