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Ruby Moon-Houldson's Latest in Guardian Series Now Out in EBook...

Guardian of the Middle Realm
Guardian of the Middle Realm
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“Vows are for those who wish to keep them,” Jadyn related with a huff. “And you no longer wish to keep the one that ties you to Remiel?” he asked with great interest.
 “I want more than he’s willing to give. I have to live out my own life just as others do. It doesn’t look like I’ll be in the Middle Realm for much longer.” 
“You’ve been spending quite a bit of time up here lately.” Jadyn turned her gaze upon Araboth once more. 
“You’ve noticed?” Araboth nodded. 
“Most certainly.” He then smiled. “So tell me, Hephate, what’s come about to make you feel the way you do now? What about your duty? What about the Middle Realm?” 
“To the devil with the Middle Realm. It’s nothing but a battle ground of chaos and unrest. Those who dwell there need to be on their own—fight for themselves if they want to make it—prove their own worth to save their own skins. Goodness knows I’ve given my all for them. And what have I received in return? Being surrounded by vampires. Working with kids. And being saddled with a Pure One who’s afraid to rock the boat a little every now and then. I need a stronger companion—one who’s willing to take a chance on having fun now and then. Strong arms and gentle whispers just don’t cut it any longer. I’m tired of the constant struggle to keep balance in the Middle Realm. I’m ready to rest now. I’m ready to come home to stay,” she shared with an air of finality. 
Araboth considered Hephate’s words. He probed the Great Master’s mind and read her thoughts. He also concentrated on and dissected the feelings which were flowing free from Hephate’s countenance. He concluded she was being sincere in her revelation. He drew an arm about the Great Master. “You can always count on us—those you’ve been with over the eons. And I’ll stand by you if you need someone to turn to while you work through your troubles,” Araboth offered. 
Jadyn smiled. “Thanks, Araboth. That means a lot to me.” 
“Anytime,” he replied as he lightly ran a hand down the long black hair which blanketed Hephate’s back. 
“I think I’ll head out for the Guardian’s abode,” Jadyn announced. 
“Need some company?” Jadyn smiled once again as she slowly eyed the Great Master up, down, and then up again. “Why not? We just may enjoy a stimulating conversation along the way.” 
“And maybe even something more,” Araboth returned in a suggestive undertone. And with that he slipped an arm around Hephate and proceeded to guide them down the golden path which would lead them to the nearest portico.

Guardians of Immortal Faith

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

The unbelievable has happened! Jadyn, the main character in The Guardian series by Ruby Moon-Houldson has turned against Christopher and her family. She wants to return to the Upper Realms, where she can use her power as a Great Master! Christopher could go too, if he wanted—but it is clear she really doesn’t care if he does! What could have caused it?

Christopher started having dreams in Guardians of Immortal Faith. Given that many important events have been foretold in their dreams, he is worried—because Jadyn has turned against him and has threatened his life so that he must defend himself in the only way he can—by showing his vampire side and covering the mark on Jadyn’s throat with his fangs! Each time he awakes, just as Jadyn screams, “No, Remiel!”

Although Christopher and Jadyn have routinely shared important dreams with each other at the appropriate time, Christopher felt he could not this time, for he had already begun to see actual changes in Jadyn that bothered him. For one, in the frenzy of battles, she had “accidentally” killed a number of good vampires. Many had become leery of being involved in a battle if she was there. At home, she had become impatient with the children; so much so that Christopher was concerned she might hurt one or more of them!

As he thought about it, things had started to be different when she first discovered that she was a Great Master and she was spending more and more time in the Upper Realms. While he is taking on more and more responsibilities and all are now looking to him as their leader. He has faith in Jadyn and believes she will rid of herself of what is bothering her and get back to her family. That is, until he starts hearing the rumors. Rumors that Hephate [Jadyn] is routinely seen with another of the Great Masters! Since their own intimacy has dramatically decreased, fear and jealousy brings about a confrontation.

Jadyn is almost relieved to tell him that she is tired of the never-ending battles that do nothing to help the Middle Realm, suggesting that the mortals should fight their own battles! She wants to move back into the Upper Realms and if Christopher won’t go with him, then she will take Rayna and live there! Christopher is so concerned that he decides that he must hide Rayna to protect her from her mother!

You can’t afford to miss Guardians of Immortal Faith by Ruby Moon-Houldson. One good thing that I can report is that Randu has become interested in a woman! Of course it is the same woman that had come to Christopher’s bed to tempt him into becoming unfaithful to his wife...
How long can Christopher keep his Immortal Faith? Trackle Ruby Moon-Houldson, put it on your calendar, or whatever you do to make sure you don’t miss Guardians of Immortal Faith. Not my favorite—but you gotta read it! For when the battle of the swords begins in the Valley of Fire, Christopher and Jadyn will be fighting on different sides!

Special Afterwords of conversations between Jadyn and The Great One, as well as Jadyn’s thoughts provide readers an intimate view of the struggles and turmoil she faced during this time in her life. Once again, the author has given us ample reason to follow The Guardian Series!


The Guardian series is a sensuous escape into the fantasy world of the ages. I am thoroughly hooked! When I read the More Than Angels books, I declared Moon-Houldson a must-read author. However, the Guardian series, in an entirely different genre, forces, yes, forces me to consider this author a Creative Genius! Book reviews cannot begin to describe the fascinating complexity, compelling story line and sensuality of these stories. While based upon well-researched somehow familiar magical stories, each idea from Moon-Houldson is unique but totally interwoven into an intricate tale that becomes a reality into which readers invariably fall! Building suspense through character development and constantly more exciting and seemingly impossible challenges is almost magically done through brilliant writing! The Guardian series demands to be consumed!


Ruby Moon-Houldson has written over thirty books to date. She has met, spoken with, and conferred with many of the actors from the Original Series of Star Trek, as well as the many spin-off series. Ruby considers Leonard Nimoy to be her “hero” seeing she looked to his example as she was growing up. Ruby is a published author who enjoys writing in the science fiction/paranormal genres as well as children’s books, and reference books. 

She also submits material for online magazines, nursing textbook companies, and works with an Entertainment Company housed in CA which hosts Star Trek conventions for the fans. Ruby writes for Roddenberry Productions. She wrote a speech which was presented at the Great Bird of the Galaxy Conference in Texas and worked on the ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ program that was presented by PlanetXpo in Hollywood, CA. 

Moon-Houldson has appeared as guest speaker at various conventions across the United States as well as conducted book signings. Ruby is a member of the Trek Writer’s Guild. She is the author of the book titled “A Tribute to James Doohan, ‘Scotty’” as well as the book “A Tribute to Spock,” “A Tribute to Walter Koenig,” and “A Tribute to George Takei.” 

Ruby is a member of the Indiana Literacy Coalition, the Greene County Speaker’s Bureau, and the Greene County Writer’s Group. She also dabbles in photography (getting tips from Leonard Nimoy) and creates artwork for book covers. She is the President of “The Moon-Houldson Foundation” which provides assistance to up-and-coming writers and to nursing students. She lives in Indiana, loves to hear from her readers, and takes time out of her busy schedule to answer all mail received from them. When not at her laptop, Ruby works full time as a College Professor. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Nursing. Virgil Franklin, music composer, credits the inspiration he found for creating his latest music CD release, “Night Sins”, to Ruby’s “Guardian” series. Moon-Houldson’s latest achievements consist of receiving rave reviews for her most recent novels, having two books nominated for Oprah’s Book Club, and earning the “National Indie Excellence Award” for Best Fiction novel (More Than Angels).

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