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P. C. Zick Takes Us on Adventure Whenever You Read "Live From the Road"!

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Live From the Road

By. P. C. Zick

What a quirky, nonsensical, gorgeous, joyful, sad bit of inspiration! And if you can't understand that, then you're in the best position to read this fun novel! Plan to laugh, cry, sing, be confused...and amazed at what this author has to say! I'm still not convinced that it did not include an angel character, you know, like Touched by an Angel, by the name of Lollapalooza...even if she did die during the trip...

Trip? Yes, the trip taken by two best friends and their daughters. They started from Chicago and were heading to L.A., traveling the old Route 66 for as much as they could. At first the two friends were going to go, then their daughters decided that they wanted to go, especially, when they learned that there was to be auditions in L.A. if they planned their trip right. CC was a singer; Ramona wanted to be an actress, but also sang... In fact the four all sang and looked for Karaoke bars each night when they practice! As well as to give each audience a show they would remember.

Meg narrated most of the story, and kept a journal, naturally, since she was a journalist. She and Sally her best friend had talked about the trip since Meg needed to settle some past issues that she'd been internally hanging on to, including the death of her son. Essentially, she had closed him off inside and was not able to face his loss... And CC had been hurting also, as if losing her mother as well...

As they started, they dressed up their van with Route 66 signs and declared themselves the Road Warriors, with even a solemn (!!!) group hand sharing as they left certain areas...

I have to say, I would love to have been traveling with them!

And others felt the same way! So as the Warriors met people along the way and told them about their trip, their destination... well, you guessed it, they either joined them right then or caught up with them later (on Route 66 of course so it wasn't hard to find them!) They even met a couple on their way to get married--and everybody later became their wedding party!

Seriously, there is no way to describe what was encountered on that trip! You just have to experience it!

One of the things Sally had planned for the trip was to bring her father's remains back to where he had wanted to a wake with fireworks took place! They picked up Laramie at that stop, when she came running with her shotgun on hearing the fireworks...  Later, Sally was the one who was comforted by Meg as she received word that her husband had left her...and so much more!

A couple went along for the music auditions, but most just had that know...the one that says you just need to do something crazy??? Need to get away? Read Live From the Road and you just might be making your own plans! Wish I could go with you! Hey, wait a minute...This book was just like I was there, including the hugging and crying with the Road Warriors! Waaaaayyy Cool Book!


P.C. Zick began her writing career in 1998 as a journalist. She's won various awards for her essays, columns, editorials, articles, and fiction. She describes herself as a "storyteller" no matter the genre.
She's published four works of fiction and one nonfiction book. Prior to 2010, she wrote under the name Patricia C. Behnke.
She was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in 1980. She now resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Robert.
Her fiction contains the elements most dear to her heart, ranging from love to the environment. She believes in living lightly upon this earth with love, laughter, and passion.
"This is one of the most exciting times to be an author," Ms. Zick says. "I'm honored to be a part of the revolution in writing and publishing."

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  1. Wow! I'm blown away, Glenda. It's always great to find a reader who understands my intention with a novel. Thank you.

  2. P.C., I tried to call it Chick Lit...but just couldn't...The impact of this book is too important, for the right people who may read it...