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"You had a run-in with Bernie; I saw you in his office when I got here and
figured you could use a friend."
Suddenly Mac's ability to know exactly what she needed was starting to
bug the hell out of her.
"It doesn't matter." She waved a hand, hoping it would all go away, "I
just need to be alone."
"It does matter, Kate. I know how important your career is to you and had
this gone south it could have meant, well, we both know what it could have
meant." Mac slid into one of her leather chairs.  Kate wished he would
leave. Nothing he was saying was making her feel any better.
"Bernie will accept responsibility for nothing. Not ever. The sooner you
learn that, the better off you'll be."
"Not only did he not accept responsibility, but he also blew off the whole
freaking incident, like he's forgotten an event poster instead of the one
reason people were there: the books."
"Kate, I'm not trying to diminish this, believe me I'm not, but the quicker
you move past it, the better you'll be. People like Bernie get to these
positions by God-knows-what means. Maybe he's Edward's bastard son, I
don't know. The point is if you push this, you won't win. He will..."

The Publicist

By Christina George

Yes, I wanted to read The Publicist purely on the basis of the title since I do spend quite a lot of my time with books...LOL What I didn't want to do, however, was to be awake at 1 AM finishing the book, reading the few pages of Book 2 and wanting to call this dear lady and scream "Where the H is the next book!...or words to that effect...

Some writers have the ability of writing as if they are just talking to you, or at least it seems like that because the story sounds so real, so convincing that you feel like you actually know the new character who has been created... The back cover states: "The story only an insider could tell..." Indeed this is Kate Mitchell's story and what's more, you'll quickly find out that Kate is doing her own publicity for her don't bother looking for Christine George, whoever she is...LOL I've already sent a Facebook "close friend" request for Kate, am following her on Twitter demanding to know about Book 2, and, well, you get the idea... My readers know that I hate to be kept hanging!

Kate Mitchell is a publicist in a major NY company...but, everybody should quickly know, that any female working these days will find herself in similar situations on the job...

You know what I mean...there's men there...and some of them are married...

In fact, many single women will find that there are few straight men surrounding her on the job...

But that just means that we must be even more professional, normally a more effective employee than most, and spend a lot of your own time working long hours trying to be recognized and move up... Kate is a woman with whom I would be friends and would "do lunch" with, going over the various problems we face respectively in our jobs, and gaining the sympathy and sometimes good guidance to help us through it.

And believe me, Kate gets into some fantastic situations, like being called to come "talk a suicidal writer" down from the ledge when she demands that her publicist be contacted!

Or how about the diva who absolutely must be on Oprah, or interviewed by The Talk--or whichever is the latest top TV talk program... Actually, Kate loved her job and did very well in dealing with any situation that she had to face...

including terminating the long-term contract with an author with whom she had become friends...

Of course, it was the boss who was looking at the bottom line and knew they were friends, so assigned what would normally be his job to Kate to handle... but that led to an entirely new issue which was the cause of my frustration...because it's to be in Book 2...

There was also another long-term author, who had lots of fans, but her books were not the tough, edgy, sex-filled novels that the boss wanted to have for the future. But Kate had accidentally heard about that upcoming cancellation...and, wow, you wouldn't believe how she handled that situation--I loved it! Reminded me of something I would do, but just not so dramatically...

So Kate was flying pretty high, gaining a reputation, moving toward handling top authors... There was just that one issue, you know--the one man to whom she was attracted was unavailable...

And he was attracted to Kate and had the power to ensure professional interaction increased...

Oh yeah, there's lots for any women out there who have faced similar situations to enjoy...and, men--the author included Mac's [MacDermott Ellis] viewpoint and feelings as it definitely is a novel that is contemporary professional life that is anywhere and everywhere...It's meant, I think, to be a fun book and it is! It's meant, I think, to show the publishing world (and others) from an insider's perspective, and it succeeds! But, in the end, it also shares those deep personal internal thoughts that we all have when confronted with personal relationships within and without our business organization. And, after all, those are what affects our heads and our hearts the most...

Personally, this was a must-read type of book--and you'll know who you are if it is for you too... Enjoy!


About Kate Mitchell

Only an insider could tell a tale like this. As a workaholic publicist with a big New York house, Kate finds herself at the mercy of a broken system—including books that don’t sell, and author egos as big as the island of Manhattan.

I'm a book publicist at a New York publishing house. Books are my life. Put that remote control down and pick up a book. The world would be a better place. Lives in New York, New York Born on August 22

About the Author

I've worked in publishing for twenty years (give or take). Here's what this book isn't. It's not a slam against publishing (though it is broken) and it's not a slam against authors (though some of them are crazy). This book is not autobiographical though many of the stories are true. No you won't know which ones, hell it's more fun to guess, right? I continue to work in publicity and help authors because at the end of the day I do love books, I love publishing, and I love authors. I hope you'll enjoy this romp through Kate's world as much as I enjoyed creating it. Find our more at:

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