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Mandy Rosko Takes Readers To 2319--The World's Still Seeking...

star trek the next generation data, android St...
star trek the next generation data, android Star Trek Exhibit at Queen Mary Spruce Star Trek Exhibit at Queen Mary Spruce Goose Dome, Long Beach Ca, Feb 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Head of android Data
Head of android Data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Select Your Parts???

hmmmm??? In the year 2319, humanoids are made for many different uses. Their primary reason for being, of course, can be designed...put in your order...or see what is being offered for sale at the market...

"Melody tore her eyes away from the gyrating, half naked men and women, wearing barely-there thongs over their greased bodies, along the path set up for the buyers
 to follow inside the airport's rented auction room. 
A difficult task considering almost every inch
 was being used up by booths, poles, tables, and cages.
 That last one Melody didn't particularly like,
 but it wasn't any of her business how these 
handlers dealt with their wares. 
She shrugged it off. To be fair, 
not many handlers put their stag or doe in cages, 
and the ones they'd used weren't exactly cramped. 
Most were even prettified with scarves and pillows
 for the humanoids to play with and relax on. 
As the doe lounged in her cage, 
Melody eyed her, pretending to be interested 
as a buyer instead of someone who also handled 
stag and doe for a living. Stag and doe, 
humanoids engineered and born in labs, 
were very popular, and expensive, in the sex industry. 
Little, if anything, was on their minds, 
save for the act of sex, when they would get it, 
who would give it to them, and how many times 
they could have it. The perfect sex toy, 
a warm body that wanted nothing better
 than to please and be pleased, 
who asked for virtually nothing in return...

Just One Touch 

(Sizzling Erotic Romance 


By Mandy Rosko

This is a hot futuristic scifi for those into erotica... Data came to mind for me, since I'm a long-time Trekkie..

Dex was not a Star Trek officer, however, he was a slave--a sex slave...

But even as a slave, he was different--maybe someone had crossed a wire for 

Melody was there for just that purpose. She had her own company, so she didn't want anybody to know who she was during the negotiations. As she roamed the market, she would take mental note of the offerings until she decided what she would purchase...

Until she was surprised to see Dex being auctioned...

She and Dex had a past history... Her mother had been in the business but had kept Dex for her own, but would not permit him to be with her sexually. Melody had tried to seduce Dex often and once did get him
in her room, only to be caught together. Melody had told her mother that Dex had attacked her...

Dex was immediately returned to the factory for...reprogramming...
Now he was back on the block to be sold to anybody who had the money...

But the sales pitch was different for Dex now. The owner stated that he could provide pleasure without any significant touching.

Melody had just walked up to where he was being held, in chains, been astounded to see him; but Dex was not happy to see her since she had caused him much pain and suffering, in many ways...

When Melody heard the owner, she didn't believe she went forward to "try him out..."

The owner was correct in telling his abilities.

Melody bought him on the spot...

But Dex was in the mood for revenge, not loving...

If you've seen Data on television, you know that he often attempts to learn more about human feelings...

Perhaps it is better to long for them than to actually have them?
Dex probably thought so.

Because he sure gave Melody an earful! I loved it!

There is quite an interesting story in this short novella; and I found it quite intriguing. Will we humans ever be satisfied??? This is light erotica, not any more than you see in some major novels...except for a more specific language...

Highly recommended for those interested...Your Choice...


Mandy Rosko is the middle of three children, not including three step-brothers. I am not married, have no kids, and am hoping that this writing business pays off one day since I'm not qualified, motivated, or smart enough to do anything else. : /

The first romance novel I ever read came from a used bookstore in Fort Erie, and as there isn't a Chapters, Coles, or any other place other than WalMart or Zellers where you could get books new in that town, I wound up losing a lot of money there. I started off reading fantasy, and always enjoying the bits of romance that were found in those books the most. Then I discovered Surrender My Love by Johanna Lindsay... 

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