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Debut Novel From A. E. Fairfield Great Start for Mystery Series!

Please note that this video was added by BRH, illustrating work being done--there is no relationship of the name of the company to the book being reviewed. But it does show the importance and potential tragedy that could and did happen in
 The Polaris Effect!
The Polaris Effect:
A Capelli and Ford Mystery

By A. E. Fairfield

From the front cover, through 375 pages of twists, turns, and diverse settings, I enjoyed this new writer and her story. Other than the few typos that happens in any book, Fairfield has begun a new mystery series with a pair of fun partners in crime, who also prove to be kick-ass agents in the field, especially Kate Capelli! She has the guts and glory, but Danny Ford has the ability to keep the entire case in sight and start putting things together where they can fit. As a team, I can't wait to meet them again in the future!

Watch this author...Unless I'm way off base, I think you'll be seeing this young woman move fast into the limelight for mysteries with a solid thriller story and a team of characters that works hard to solve the case, faster than the reader can... There were enough clues, but I have to admit, I didn't pick some up quickly enough...while at other times, I wanted to pick up a phone and call to remind Ford about this or that...

"I hate the burial beat. It seems so invasive," Capelli
muttered, her eyes fixed beyond the steady whoosh
of the windshield wipers.
"So is a colonoscopy. But you gotta do it now and then."
"Ford was washing down his fried egg and cheese wrap
with lukewarm deli coffee. He was pissed at Capelli.
She'd insisted that he order a wrap--sore up and down
that it's be just as good as his usual butter croissant.
Of course, she'd been wrong and now he was sitting
in a car waiting for Old Man Thorpe to go six feet
under with a shitty breakfast as consolation. When
he wanted to measure 34-24-34, he'd listen to her.
Till then, he'd do breakfast his way...
Like Dr. Luc Turner... I enjoyed him very much as a doctor serving in Somalia for Doctors Without Borders and he and I were already putting two and two together... But Capelli and Ford were in New York, so didn't know what was already happening (like readers did, LOL).

Dr. Turner had done much to bring good health back to the area of Jowhar, Somalia where he practiced. Food, basic meds, and extra vitamins had brought many of the children to the point where they once again laughed and played.

But now something had been contracted, beginning something like a flu, but spreading fast and escalating with different symptoms for different people.

TB had been one of the early possibilities considered, but then it didn't proceed as normal. There were so many deaths that they could no longer take the time to bury those they lost, given the need for all staff to keep trying to figure out what was the basis for this strain, that could not be identified.

Finally they heard that at the Shatoy Chechnya site the same type of outbreak had occurred and 20 children had all died.

As the doctors compared everything Dr. Turner realized that it may be the meds that had been used...and followed the trail to the company where a friend of his, helping, was also murdered...

In fact, back in New York, Capelli and Ford were being pressured to solve the murder of a major officer in a leading pharmaceutical corporation... Then when another officer in the Prague office was murdered in the same way, the potential for terrorism - or should it be said - potential for great amounts of money to be made by whoever was behind this, soon raised flags for Interpol and other agencies to become involved!

Tracking down the people responsible was just a part of the murder mystery however, because Dr. Turner and all other medical personnel very quickly realized that this new formula could, and probably already was, being disseminated across the world!

One fantastic event in the book occurs when Kate Capelli is kidnapped by one of those behind the murders. I love her "MacGyver"-type methods of freeing herself and turning the tables horrible dude! Certainly a highlight that will catch everybody's attention, while standard whodunit procedural investigation actually solved the crime...  Lots in this book to keep mystery and even thriller fans happy! Highly recommended!

A.E. Fairfield was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. After attending New York University she remained in New York to pursue a career in writing. She's excited that the first book of the Capelli & Ford mystery series, The Polaris Effect, is now available on Amazon.

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  1. I have read this book at it is a real page turner. I recommend it to anyone who loves conspiracy, mystery novels.

  2. Get comfy and prepare to stay up late. You won't want to put this one down.