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Could This Be Sneaky Pie Brown? Not Just Another Review...

Hiss of Death:

A Mrs. Murphy Mystery

By Rita Mae Brown
 and Sneaky Pie Brown
 It Takes a Cat to Write the Purr-fect Mystery

I Repinned this handsome cat recently and immediately thought of
Sneaky Pie Brown, the famous author who is never shown except as
a silhouette on the cover of the books he writes with Rita Mae...
Check out his little "heart" nose... He just seems to be "star" quality, don't you think? Actually, Sneaky Pie is a Tiger Cat, so maybe I'm just playing match maker??? Hmmm, Pewter, Mrs. Murphy??? What do you think?


Mrs. Murphy: Ohhhh! My! How Do You Do?!!! We didn't know you were having another guest! We just came to tell you about one of our books!

Pewter: But we are the star characters in the book...Perhaps you've heard of moi? You may call be Pewter, my handsome boy.... Hmmmmm? Got Milk?
Let's Party!

Oh, afterwards? OK, Purr-fect! Later then...

"As Harry's husband advised her to relax and try to put this
unpleasantness out of her mind, the cats and dog walked outside
in the sunshine.
"She's got the wind in her sails," Mrs. Murphy said.
"It's her nature, just like it's your nature to herd cows, horses, humans."
Tucker sighed. "What worries me is that with each of her treatments,
she'll become weaker. In the past when she's made a mess of it, her
strength and her quickness helped."
"And we saved her ass," Pewter bluntly put it.
"What do we do now? She going to get into it. Two young women
dead from the same workplace. Something's not right. It's no

concidence." the corgi posited.
"Double murder." Pewter tossed this off.

Actually, we have much to be happy about because our human, Mary Minor Haristeen (Harry) had been diagnosed with breast cancer and successfully had it removed! We hope that our talking about this disease in the book will bring more awareness to everybody!

In our town we sponsored a 5K Run for Breast Cancer Awareness... Harry was already involved in the planning, even though she hadn't discovered the lump via her mammogram (a very important test for human women, we understand!)

Soooo, we were all involved and then very concerned and worried about her, but, wouldn't you know it, even while all that was going on, we had a terrible death occurred! It was Paula, one of the ER nurses that was so well known and involved. At first they thought she had been stung and couldn't get a shot fast enough (she hated giving herself shots--which we thought was kinda funny since she didn't mind sticking that needle into everybody else!) But, still, what a way to go...

But when more deaths occurred, it seemed way too coincidental and further investigation proved that Paula had been murdered!

That was because the second woman who had been a counselor had her throat slit! And then we even lost our top surgeon...

There was no way our human was going to let all of this slide--the killer had to be found!

And wouldn't you know it, she realized who it was, but when she went to investigate further, she was followed!

Ok, Ok...we can't tell any more but I'm told to let you know that this book is BRH recommended! As is all of the series!

Besides, it's time to party!! Hey Big Boy, come on down and join me... Bring any kibbles?


"Mom, I thought you brought that cool Dude home to
meet me!"
"Yes, Beauty, but our guests as well!
"Ahhhhh, Mom...
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