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Trevor Ennis Second in Series Outstanding Drama!

Friday came around, and the class was in another one of their reserved study periods, but not everyone studied. Some used the time to conveniently catch up on missed sleep, while others gossiped and chatted about nothing of great importance. In the midst of the classroom turmoil, a strange White student entered the room unnoticed. He was someone whom Angelica might have seen around on the campus but never spoken to. Like a United Parcel Post deliveryman, he simply handed Quame a folded paper, then quickly disappeared as fast as he had appeared. He didn’t wait for an answer; he just delivered and disappeared in a sort of hasty kind of way as if rushing to make other deliveries. A few seconds later after reading the note, a concerned Quame bid Sasha in a soon-be-back fashion and got up and left. Immediately, Angelica saw the six perverted boys from the “brainless player gang” gather together and could barely stand to see the sight of them. Feeling disgusted, she rose and left the classroom. After only a few strides down the corridor she heard the trampling footsteps and stepped aside when she realized it was the same six gang boys who stampeded past her. They moved without militancy but with great urgency as they hurried ahead and soon disappeared down a flight of steps. Not long after, Angelica heard another rush behind and was about to step aside when Sasha almost ran her over. “Slow down, girl! What’s with everybody and this rushing?” Angelica held her arms out to slow Sasha’s pace but immediately saw the fear in her eyes. “They are gonna do something to him; got to warn him,” Sasha remarked while hastily trying to pull away from Angelica. Angelica would not let her go. “Something to whom? Warn who …?” “Quame!” her quivering voice was broken and urgent. “They are going to trap him,” she pointed in the direction of the disappearing boys. “Jenny B. said she heard them say it. They are planning to beat him up in the gym.” Again she tried to break away, but Angelica would not let her. She had conspired against others before, and so recognized the fear she saw in Sasha. “What’s the matter with you? Can’t you see I’ve got to go? Get your hands off me!” Sasha yelled while tugging at Angelica’s hold. “No! Sasha! Listen to me, girl. You can’t go alone. You can’t go. Just go to the dean’s office … tell him … tell him that Quame the big Black guy is trying to rape me in the gym. Lie! Say it or they will never come to his aid. I’ll go and try to delay them.” “No, I’ve got to go to Quame now! They are going to hurt him.”

White Lies, Black Blood II: 

Unveiling Lies Exposing the 

Eighth Deadly Sin

(Black Blood Series)

By Trevor Ennis

White Lies, Black Blood had left me waiting... I hate cliff-hangers because I'm always afraid I'll miss the ending and never know what happened, simply because I forget to check... But as soon as I heard this was out, I went out, downloaded, thankful I had a Kindle, and started reading... I know it was out of schedule, but I'd been waiting a long time to see what happened! The first book was fantastic; the followup outstanding!

Most of you who follow my reviews may have noticed that I tend to pick novels that spotlight today's headline issues. I applaud writers who are using their skills to highlight major issues at the same time they provide a book that proves to be both informative and exciting in the selected drama. This series, however, as many do these days, crosses genre...

Trevor Ennis is an exciting romance writer who has created two characters that prove to be riveting, seductive and yet, young hesitant lovers and we are privy to their intimate thoughts and actions...Just this story could easily stand as a stand-alone story...

For that reason, although these books could stand alone, I really think you would be making a mistake by not starting at the beginning. You need to meet Angelica as she was in the past...

Because she is quite different, changed in the second novel!

The love story between Angelica and Kazeem reminded me somewhat of Love Story for those who remember it, but the story of this couple is soooooo much more...Find out why!

I want to point out that there are extremely graphic scenes in this novel that are hard to read. First I must applaud Ennis for writing those scenes as I know they must have been extremely hard to have been done so effectively. These scenes are part of the book that deals with the Eighth Deadly Sin...

Do you know what that is?

If you don't know it under that specific name, you will nevertheless have witnessed it during your life. I have and it's not pretty, especially when I've always lived in an area where there are few African-Americans.

Later, a more experienced rugged-faced slob with a fat belly hanging over his pants and uncombed blond hair entered and scornfully scrutinized him. He looked across the room, saw and dismissed the bored younger cop, who seemed very relieved as he got up, and quickly left the room. “Well, what have we here?” his belly jerked with every word that came out of his mouth. “The devil’s kin has come to grace our jail. What’s the matter, boy? Hell doesn’t want its bastards anymore? Is Satan now using earth as his garbage bin? Heh-heh-heh …. Well, those horned devils sure did send you to the right place. This is actually where they send all their rejects for punishment. You are going to find that this here place is ten times worse than your hell-home. This is my hell-house, my torture chamber for all you piss-poor nigger-rejects from hell, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.” 
Kazeem was silent. His face shone a calm strength that threatened to explode.
When I moved into high school and then into a professional career, sure, I began to meet others of a different color. M. Davis was one of my first Black friends in junior-high...She non-verbally taught me, just as members of my family had also given me signals. I remember I was shocked when another high school friend got married and I was told that her husband was part of the KKK! What? Why would there be a group involved in this non-Black area, I thought... 

What I've come to realize, though, is that if you are a hater, you hate anywhere you happen to live...

Note that this novel is set in the present time: President Obama is now in office... His election set off many of the actions??? The novel doesn't say but I doubt it, because I heard news and headlines about the issue during the election periods... There may not be those that wear the white uniform these days, which is worse in a way, because these haters dress like you or me...they go to church with us or we interact with them in stores, online, on the job...and, in this novel, we find them in the police station...and the church...

And in Angelica's home...

Readers learned about her father's participation in the first book, but his true involvement was clearly defined in actions in this second novel...

“I don’t mean to break up your playhouse of peace, harmony and love. Unlike most here, I am not fooled by fake unity and I am going to speak frankly. I think this is the biggest crock of staged crap that anybody could ever witness. Show rating … ha! What is all this display of Black-White love bull crap supposed to do … boost Oprah’s ratings? Today we hug and kiss but tomorrow we can go back to hating each other. Tomorrow a White George will pull a gun and a Black Trayvon will die. That’s the way it has been and that’s the way it is always going to be. So if this is one of them ‘stop the violence’ shows, it is not going to work. Then why are we here …? RATINGS …. That’s why you dragged us here - for your ratings? Since we are on camera, let me break it down for all our Negro audience … and don’t cut me off, Oprah, because you said this is our show; not just for the Blacks.”

One very effective way by which the Author shared regarding the Eighth Deadly Sin was to create an Oprah Show bringing together white students from a predominantly white college and black students from a predominantly black student college, which I thought was brilliant both in concept and in carrying out the drama, closing when she is shot by a member of the audience!

Then, as a writer who wants to keep us in suspense, after dropping that bombshell, proceeds on with his story of Angelica's life as if readers are not going crazy wanting to know if Oprah is alive!!! As a reviewer, my first thought was, did he just skip a closure???

But no, Ennis closed that much, much later in his novel... Then left us hanging on a scene with Kazeem! Damn! He's going to write another book, I just know it--and I'm going to be left hanging for months...

So will you, readers, because if you haven't realized it, I call this a must-read! 

And here's a special dare for all you white people out there--yes, you--who wouldn't pick up a book with black people on the cover... I dare you to read this series! If you won't even consider this, then You may be committing the Eighth Deadly Sin...

The Eighth Deadly Sin just may be the downfall of our nation... Do you care?


Trevor Ennis was born on the small island of Jamaica in 1963. He grew up as the third child of six siblings and attended Alpha Primary School, Jamaica College and Excelsior Community College where he graduated before leaving for the United States in 1987. After living in New York for a year, he joined the United States Air Force, completed basic military training and went on to Plattsburgh Air Force Base where he met and married Ina. Together they visited numerous other countries and after twenty years of military service, Trevor and Ina retired. They are blessed with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl and have settled in New Jersey where they now call home. Visit Web site at

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