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Russell Brooks Hosting Contest with Latest Novel Coming Tomorrow!

RockyImage by Rainbowfly 
"Who's Darwin?" yelled Eddie.
But it didn't appear that she heard
him. Instead she let out a scream
that resembled a war cry as she
rushed them, holding the axe the
same way a baseball player would
hold a bat..."
Chill Run

By Russell Brooks

Author contest! 

Details as follows:

1. Every person that leaves a comment with their email address (Important) is automatically entered in the draw. 
2. To be sure that the contest is fair and impartial, Clinton (my cat) will select the 10 winners for a free eBook copy of CHILL RUN.

The contest will run from Sunday November 27, 2011 to December 1, 2011 at 9PM. The winners will be announced via my blog and my page on YouTube the same evening. 

For those of you who read Pandora's Succession and, like me, would be prepared for a similar, new thriller...

You're in for a real surprise...and a treat...once you adjust to the story line. I admit that at first, as I started to read about "sexual doms" I didn't know what was coming, but soon I started to smile, laugh, and imagine just how an idea like this could be born--our world thrives on such things after all!

For Eddie Barrow wanted to become a published author. His first novel had been sent out and rejected so far, but he was still optimistic, even though his family had never supported his chosen profession, other than one aunt, and had never even asked to read any part of his manuscript. Eddie had left home because of the constant turmoil and lived with his best friend. However, Corey was going through a major depression because he had tried out for a Canadian idol contest and had been judged and publicized across the world as the world's "worst"... (You can see how readers are quickly smiling and feeling sympathy for the characters!)

Behind on the rent, Eddie first loses his girl and his job. And Corey hasn't been able to pay for his share of rent for months. After having dinner at home and getting even more negative feedback, he had left swearing he'd never returned. Perhaps if none of Eddie's financial troubles had happened, Corey's girlfriend, Jordyn, wouldn't have introduced an idea to him. In doing so, she identified herself as a fem dom, while quickly explaining that there was no sex involved in the activities. She suggested that Eddie act as a dom and, perhaps with a little whipping and smacking around, his client would be pleased and he would be paid big bucks.

Eddie was extremely hesitant, but finally agreed to meet with a woman who was supposedly a CEO of a major corporation. But, their plan was to have the press be notified, break it up--and, of course, Eddie would gain lots of notoriety as a "sex scandal" broke! Reluctantly, Eddie agreed...

I had to share all of this because the circumstances was just too good, not to pull me in. By this point, I was hooked and hoping Eddie could get through this without too much pressure. 

But before he left that hotel room, his "client" had been murdered...

Eddie and Corey quickly decided they had to turn themselves into the police and explain what had happened. That is, until Eddie saw them all already on the news...

Eddie, Corey and Jordyn wind up on the run...Though the chase is hot and heavy, Eddie knows that if they don't try to solve the case, and gain sufficient evidence, they will never be free...but the twists and turns seem to be ending, only to start over!

Russell Brooks has given us another great ride--thrills galore, but this time, with a very sympathetic wannabe novelist as the main character, together with two close friends who support him throughout. Loved the characters, the concept, and the thrills of this Chill Run! Highly recommended!

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