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A Must-Read Triple-Shot "Love Story"! OUT TODAY!!!

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Come Back To Me

By Melissa Foster

I have not been so affected by a romantic drama since Love Story back in the '70s! And Come Back To Mhit me even more. It is powerful in story, beautiful in its reality and, simply unforgettable. Even though the ending was not what I expected or wanted...

In my opinion, this is Melissa Foster's finest--and her previous books were wonderful! But Come Back To Me places us right into our own lives, a situation that could be true for you or me or someone you know. It tells of a love that all of us dream of having, and forces us to face the reality of living, no matter what comes. The situation explodes for many who have loved ones involved in positions that take them to dangerous places and the characters are richly and fully created so that we claim them as our own friends and family and we feel the pain, suffering and potential loss faced by the ones who are separated and left behind.

Meet Tess and Beau Johnson. Beau is a photographer and travels around the world for his job. His latest assignment is for Mr. Fulan from Wartime magazine to document the changes in Iraqi family life since the inception of the war. Given the job, Tess and Beau had both felt that Beau's photos would be accepted and would lead to international exposure, something Beau craved and needed for his career.

Tess loved and supported Beau's desire to wait five years before they began a family. But with Beau on his assignment, Tess learns that she is pregnant. What will Beau say?

But that became a secondary concern when they hear that the small plane that had been used for the project had crashed and burned. All were assumed dead.

But Tess could not and would not accept that.

Indeed Beau had been blown far away from the crash site and had fortunately been found by two women and children who were hiding in the desert, waiting to have help in escaping the country. Suha was a doctor but her life was in danger, since the medical staff would treat anybody, no matter what race--many doctors had already been killed! Samira and her children were escaping from the abuse of her husband.

The book moves back and forth between the lives of the two lovers--Tess refusing to accept Beau is dead, even fighting with his parents, refusing to have a memorial service. Beau is unconscious for much of the time, but once he awakes, he immediately becomes involved in their escape, while learning of the conditions of their lives...

For the lovers, Samira begins to look in favor at Beau and he is aware of her, even while dreaming only of getting back to Tess. But Tess has been told by everybody that Beau is dead so that when she meets a new man, she slowly, almost unwillingly accepts him into her life...

Though distressing and agonizing in detail, this poignant love story is surpassed only by its surprise ending. 'Nuf said...

Romance novel fans--you can't possibly miss this must-read! For those who don't normally read romance, like me, well, I can only tell you, both men and women, that you will miss something if you don't take the chance and genre hop for Come Back To Me... Oh, and have plenty of kleenex handy when you start reading...

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  1. Her finest in my opinion too. Romance, but so much more.

  2. Sheila, Melissa and I briefly discussed my thoughts and she mentioned that she didn't think of the book as a romance...At a time when she's not so busy, I'm going to ask her to share a little more on the "background" of this book. Indeed it is so much more...