Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Got A Back-Handed Compliment Today! LOL...

I Got notice of this feedback on Amazon today... "What a joke," I completely agreed with this individual's assessment of my review activities...You may too!

Father Bascio died before his last book was published. What a Loss to all of us...

M. miller

"book lover"

read your reviews and as an avid reader, I have never heard of the books you recommend so highly. what a joke...

I have no doubt you are correct. I have dedicated my review role to help promote little known books from great authors...Sure I read James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Linda Howard, J. D. Robb, Nora Roberts, Jonathan Kellerman, Scott Turow and many others for whom I don't write reviews...but they have help in their publishing activities and lots of fans...so I choose not to promulgate the "groupie" mentality that follows only those that are well-known, adding my review to many others who read only the big name authors. In fact, if you were a new or little-known author, I'd be happy to give my time to read and review your book. Fortunately, there are many others like me who are willing to support independent activities, including those who write novels...Try it, you might find just as many books to enjoy as I do....

And by the way, I don't use my time to read books for which I would give a 1 or 2 ranking...I feel no need to share my time and negative thoughts on a book that is not worth reading..and if a book is not to my personal liking, then I make an effort to understand the goal of the writer and consider the skill in its writing. If more individuals spent time trying to objectively review books rather than just give personal opinions in a few lines, then, in my opinion, the feedback process would be much more effective.

On a personal level, I am amazed daily at how many authors, who reach the New York Bestselling list that I have never heard of...I am amazed, also, that you are able to recognize my "niche"...how many books do YOU read annually from authors you've never heard of? And, thanks for being a fan if you read so many of my reviews!

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  1. I imagine I speak for many when I say I appreaciate your reviews, the Reviewer's Roundup site, and all of the advice that you're so will to share from your many years as a reviewer. We need more people like you.

  2. I love to read books by authors I've not heard of, and I value reviewers like yourself who will introduce me to them.

  3. Gail and Sheila...Thanks for participating in this as a discussion. In the past, I would have taken something like this as a negative...but after reviewing and posting about some really wonderful books, only to see/read some of the "bad-mouthed" critical statements that have little to do with a book, but rather the personal opinions of the reviewer, I find that such negativity means little unless it is done to provide positive but critical feedback.

    I just got a letter of appreciation from an individual who asked for a review. I gave it to him by email because it wasn't appropriate to post it for anyone else. (It wasn't a review of a book) People need to have both positive and negative feedback in order to grow, but just spouting "What a joke" just doesn't say much, does it...except for the one who wrote it.

    Imagine a world where we wrote reviews only for those books, movies, people we already knew! No knowledge would ever be increased...and, for fiction, worlds of enjoyment would never be opened. I, personally, wouldn't want to live there... and I already know that neither of you would either!