Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book Launch Party Plus 36 Authors 99¢ Sale Today Through Thursday!

WoMen's Literary Cafe is proud to host a launch party to celebrate the release of bestselling, award-winning author, Melissa Foster's highly anticipated third novel, COME BACK TO ME (Greenforge Books). 

For three days only, 36 AUTHORS will celebrate Foster's release by offering their books to readers for just 99¢
BUY 3 books GET 1 FREE!  Enter to win LEATHER-BOUND edition of COME BACK TO ME!
Take A Look At What's Available!

Adventure/Science Fiction/Fantasy
Wyndano's Cloak B005CYYI6G
Malaika B004GNFTIK
The Chosen B004GEAH0O
Vision B0055PEU06
It's Always Spring Break Somewhere in the Galaxy B005LU1K4Y
My Blood Runs Blue B004VGUIBA
*Additional Options
Merlin's Knot B005EGIIK4
Velocity Syndrome B005EGIV6A
Blue Blood For Life B005R0S8EI
The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow B005IA6AN8
Roses Are Red B005L36HKS
Piercing Through The Darkness B004P1IYLW
Sex, Lies, and the Classroom B003I84MBE
The Halo Effect Book 1 B0052ZGFJ8
 The Black Witch B0051PYOIS
*Additional Options
The Delilah Complex - Book 2 B0052ZGF48
The Venus Fix - Book 3 B0052ZGG42
M-16 Agenda B003UV8LZM
Violets Are Blue B005L3YTLW
Sugar Is Sweet B005L0LDVY
The Brides B005EC6SFK
Deadly Reunion B0058W0ALE
Splitsville.com B005E0C61C
Sounds of Murder B003NHRDK2
Black Beast: A Clan of MacAulay Novel B0050JC43C
Come the Shadows B005EZNVIY
Splitsville.com B005E0C61C
*Additional Options
FM for Murder B004MYFT9C
Voice Mail Murder B0053D56TY
Bingoed B005EHQEMM
Chasing Amanda B004WF5202 
Cancelled B005MW1RL2
Carpe Bead 'em B0050I4UX0
Prescott Pioneers 1: A Dream Unfolding B004GNFT5I
*Additional Options
The Ladybug Jinx B0055HG1HE
Happy New Life B005USTJJA
 Moonlight on the Nantahala B005MLXUP4
Literary Fiction/Women's Fiction/Non-Fiction
Waiting On Hope B005CPD2BC
The Hambledown Dream B0035FZLL0
Sanctuary B005D1HRX4
Here, Home, Hope B004YKTEHC
In Leah's Wake B0044XV7PG
Love & Wrath: The Beginning B005F4FNE4
Wedlocked: A Novel B00570B7KK
Chocolicious: B005BVZK0S
*Additional Options
Life is But a Dream: On the Lake B004JU21YU
Broken Resolutions  B004V9FPB0
A Mother's Day B004Z2KDEC
Futureproof B001QB9F58
Megan's Way B002LISR7C
Rod & Staff B001NEKIFO
A Letter To Brody B001PBEW1Q
Eternal Beginning B005645A4G
The Pocket Philosopher B004W0IU2Y 
You Don't Need A Prince: A Letter to my daughter B004S2KLTG 
Crossroads Road: A Novel  B004UC538I
Note * Additional options are NOT 99 cent books 

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  1. This interview was a treat. Melissa did an interview for my blog, Writer's Rest, today, too. -- Lindsay

  2. Thanks writersrest...I missed your comment earlier so am going out to check it now!