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Annechino's Edgy Medical Thriller Challenges Whodunit Lovers!

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"From this moment forward, everything
held sacred about his life, career, his
relationship with family and friends,
and his conception of the Hippocratic
Oath would forever change. Once he
found the courage to press the scalpel
against her sternum, he could never go
"He forced himself to focus on the most
important goal of the research:
global recognition. He longed to be
validated as a pioneer among surgeons."

By D. M. Annechino

If logic leads you to hurt someone in order to achieve your life goal/dreams, 
then, frankly, you are...just...wrong...

Lovers of medical thrillers should certainly consider Annechino's new novel, Resuscitation! The tension and suspense is thick with innuendo of who is doing the unspeakable... The details are gruesome, but not horrendously detailed. And it includes a very important moral--that our personal goals sometimes quite easily over-power what we all know to be logical and right...

His expertise and experience was superior and he knew he was on the edge of an important discovery...

Then he received word that his grant from the Global A-Fib Foundation would not be refunded based upon his application. They needed more data, and they wanted it within months! "His only hope to complete the research was to work on live subjects with no limitations..."

The first surgery was very hard for him to perform. He was operating on his own, in a less-than satisfactory environment. On the other hand, he was able to choose strong, young healthy...research victims that should allow him to better evaluate what his options were... Getting his $10Million grant had required that he make this choice...

His Mantra became: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

But even that quickly became obscured as he was tempted by his victims to have sex rather than to be killed. Later, as the police investigated, he realized that he had made a major mistake by only operating on the heart and leaving the bodies to be found... His expansion to dissection of other body parts, sexual and other abuse was necessary to protect himself--not because he was beginning to need and want to do what he was doing...

Sami Rizzo had hunted a serial killer before, but had left the police, haunted by what she had gone through. But when she first heard that a body had turned up with the sternum split with precision, strangely redressed in high-priced clothes, she found she wanted and needed to get involved with this investigation. And as the number of victims increased, the police and even the mayor cut through bureaucratic tape to get her back on staff quickly and taking over the lead to find this killer.

In addition to a solid complex investigation story, Annechino adds the twist of both lead police officers having medical issues in their family to deal with, pulling them between duty and love for their family members. Having determined that the serial killer is surely a skilled medical clinician adds a complex tension to the overall quest for just who is guilty. I didn't even come close to identifying the killer and Annechino does not leave clues for his readers--this whodunit will keep you in on edge until the climatic ending! The doubt of "who" might be that killer is so realistically presented that I think you, too, will be caught in the web of suspense that has been so successfully woven by D.M. Annechino.

I first met Annechino with his novel, They Never Die Quietly--Click to read my review. I thoroughly enjoyed that story; however, I'd say that Resuscitation has surely demonstrated that his writing is becoming stronger and his ability to emerge readers into the reality of the criminal mind is extraordinary. We see the confusion and turmoil of how an individual finally succumbs to what he wants, leaving behind all that he formerly believed in and held close to him. This adds plenty of psychological suspense to the medical thriller that just might mean for many of us that this book is a must-read! I know I'm happy not to have missed it!

Annechino's Twitter description for himself is that he writes "over-the-top thrillers."  ...Indeed!

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  1. This sounds like a well crafted novel! I have a friend that would love this book. Thanks for sharing. I may get this for her for Christmas.


  2. Thanks so much for stopping to comment; it's good to hear from you! If your friend is into medical thrillers, then I think she will enjoy as much as I did!

    Take care Jess!