Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Back To One of My Favorite Poets and Friends! Yay Spencer!

Near The Water
When life gets too heavy
and trouble taps my soul
I go visit near the waters
which play a soothing role.
When the rain comes pouring
drenches my emotional state
I go visit the flowing ripples
which helps keep me straight.
None can tell that voice
any better than I can
The hum of the river
calls out to this man.
Even the serenity of a lake
might sing a soft lullaby.
A spring-fed mountain stream
races cares goodbye.
Let me be near the waters
an ocean wave ebbing near.
Whispers messages from above
speaking directly in my ear.
Oh, I might carry my gear
rods, reels and lots of lures
Fishing is a by product
of my waterways tours.
Got to visit the waters
hear its whispered romance.
Knowing upon my visit
I get to have another chance.
Del Cano 2006 October


If Only For One Night

She kept saying,
"If only for one night".
Yet, after 25 years
she remained in sight.

So much time passed
though I had not seen
Life went by us
like on a video screen.

She kept on saying,
"if only for one night".
I didn't run her away
loved her with all my might.

Now that she's gone
though not out of sight.
It's me who keeps saying
"if only for one night."

Del Cano May 26, 2011

A Well Spring Of Emotions

There's a deep-seated need
in how I am craving you
perhaps a substitute of sorts
it penetrates me all thru. 
I have no idea all the reasons
but accept one as a fact.
Since having you in my life
my soul is coming back.

Feelings which I thought
had long been buried
now are springing up
like bouquets being carried. 

You touched something inside
a wellspring of emotions.
Now you have me smiling
with all the inner commotions.
Thank you, dear, I gotta say
feels like a new arising
how you reached in and touched
so very very surprising.
Life had done its thing
reeked havoc beyond knowing
till you came along with your love
spread it on me like snowing.
Del Cano

Spencer is an ongoing
contributor to Book Reader's Heaven!
I'm so happy to have him back, doing better
after recent surgery. Please extend thoughts
and prayers to my friend...

Find Spencer on Gather.Com and Facebook! 
He is not only a wonderful poet, but is an 
active community leader (in my book!)...


  1. Ah, that rain came pouring and the leaves came bumbling down. Lovely poems. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Sheila...I do enjoy his poetry as well!