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Mark Young's Debut Responded To Many Personal Interests - I Loved This One!

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"A dark image flickered over emerald waters. Travis Mays
glanced skyward to see a vulture searching for carrion, its tip
feathers spread like blackened fingers against a hazy-blue sky.
He crouched by the river, listening to rushing water as he eyed
the scavenger winging a path above the Lochsa River...
A woman's light footsteps forced him to smile. Ah, yes. The
river guide, Jessie White Eagle..."

A Travis Mays Novel

By Mark Young

I find I particularly enjoy novels written by authors who have expertise and experience and have chosen to use those skills in fiction genres. Mark Young is an example, as a former police officer for 26 years. He is also an award-winning journalist and a Vietnam combat veteran and has been on major crime task force operations. Experience shows in the detail of books by such writers...and my feelings are that recognition of that special, to me, edgy addition to an author's writing skills should be spotlighted when appropriate. If you enjoy various forms of crime novels, I can fully and highly recommend Revenge!

"Bubbles of white madness hurled around him as
if he'd wandered into a major snow flurry, the storm's
white fury blinding him. A maddening roar of angry
water hurled past. Deanfening. A crescendo finall
offering muffled quietness amidst a horrendous storm.
He felt locked inside the eye of a hurricane and
everything became a quiet road. He locked his mouth
closed, trapping the air inside until he reached the
Travis Mays had faced a traumatic case, one that he could not forget even though he had been a successful law officer for many years and had, burned out, moved on to become a professor of criminology at the university in Idaho. He had built a cabin and was about to embark on a new personal venture, white-water riding...

Now, right away I was personally hooked! I left a long-term career due to job burnout and now I live in a log cabin that was built by family relations...and I've had one thrilling white-water raft ride that still excites me to remember. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Travis' first ride of the rapids...but, even more, I was intrigued by his cabin. The cabin could only be reached by a over-water carrier or through densely populated woods. He had absolutely no communication with the outside world, which did prove to be life-threatening given what he was about to face! I also enjoy stories about Native Americans and learned about the Nez Perce tribe in Idaho as well!

Travis had met Jessie White Eagle, simply because he had decided to try white-water boating and felt he needed at least a guide to begin. Jessie White Eagle was the one recommended...

Neither of them knew that if he had not asked for a guide that, otherwise, her brother might still be alive...

When Travis and Jessie went for their first trip, Travis noticed that something was wrong and, finally, Jessie admitted that her brother was missing. Later he was found dead. Jessie's father was the tribal police chief and asked Travis to help him solve the crime. Travis was torn but decided not to help, until the chief went to the university and sought official assistance from him. With reluctance, he began the investigation...

And what occurs is a thrilling search, hunt, and rescue series of events that will keep readers riveted from then on! I loved the action taking place in the forest and white water...the tracking...all of it. Add to that a list of major and minor characters that share not only their cultural differences as well as personal relationships, and who become real and important to readers--you have a really wonderful action/adventure novel. Add the thrill and suspense of solving a murder case and you've got a book that will keep you reading until you've finished--Thoroughly enjoyed and satisfied! Don't miss this one! It's one of my favorites for the year!

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  1. Great review. Definitely makes me want to read this. (Now, if only I had time, or a time machine...)