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By Bitten Twice

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If I were a writer, Marked would be something like I would write...I love cats, cat shape-shifter movies have been favorites, and, of course, I loved the TV show "Beauty and the Beast." Most importantly, the main character is the King of the Cats! How cool!

Let me start by sharing this beautifully written opening paragraph of the Prologue:
Since the beginning of time, the invitation for dusk was pre-empted by a glorious display of the sun’s magnificence. The light, in a breathtaking array of reds, oranges, and yellows, kissed the mountains, rocks, trees and grasses, in a promise of tomorrow’s possibilities before being consumed by darkness.
It is there in Africa that King Zor met the human woman he had marked. And later, she bore him three cubs but died during their birth. King Zor took them to the Queen of his pride and there Zan, Ari, and Ova lived until Zan was old enough. Zan was now King of the Cats!

Marked In New York City, the head of the Knights of Templar had called a special meeting. The future held even more dangers than the past and a council of agencies had been formed to provide safety and security. The United Nations, Interpol, FBI, CIA, et.al., were joined with representatives from those animals who could change into human form--the cats and wolves.

It was on his way to this meeting that Zan met Catherine... Catherine was the administrative assistant to the Council's chairman.(my own imagination led me to believe that this Catherine is the great-great-great granddaughter of Catherine, who bore Vincent his child, in the television show...LOL You'll see why when you see some of the things that the younger Catherine does. Actually, since they weren't explained, I'm hoping that there is going to be at least one sequel to Marked.)

Mutual attraction which quickly drew Catherine and Zan into a hot and heavy interlude led to the beginning of Catherine's being marked as Zan's...

However, just as the meeting was to begin, Ari, Zan's sister notified him that his palace was being surrounded leading to an attack--by Templar Knights! It was soon realized that what surrounded them was not even human and Ari led a defensive fight that soon defeated the invaders.

But the Council realized that this was probably just the beginning and immediately assignments were made to the various groups attending.

Preparing to leave, Zan first made sure that Catherine was safe. But the guards were unsuccessful and she was abducted, only to be quietly whisked away by Ova, Zan's sister. Ova is a character you will enjoy getting to know and, especially, watch as she comes into her own magical powers.

Thinking she was taking Catherine to safety, she took her to their home where large cats roamed, guarding the palace. Finally she went to sleep--to wake up next to Zan--As King of the Cats! Can't you just imagine her face as she awakens to long golden fur surrounding her...

It was an underlord of Hell who had found portals into our world and was stirring up trouble this time in a classic good versus evil action adventure. This is an exciting complement to the instinctive "mating" of Catherine and Zan. To add even more spice, Ari becomes interested in none other than the leader of the wolves...

If you love fantasy, this book is definitely for you. It is fun to imagine the catacombs that run under New York City, to see what sophisticated computer and electronic tools are used along with ancient magical swords, and to see the writer's creative shape shifts in the middle of life-threatening activities. Bitten Twice certainly knows fantasy and is able to provide a flawlessly created world into which readers willingly tumble. Highly recommended for your enjoyment.

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  2. You are quite welcome; I love your imagination!