Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spotlighted Linda Nance Shares Poetry...

Little Children

What is it in this child so small
That fills us with wonderment of the world round us all?
What is it in her, we all find so sweet,
From the top of her head, to her cute little feet?
Could it be innocence so pure and so mild?
It could be the gift of life in this child.

I believe it is many things all rolled into one.
Each child is a miracle of a new life begun.
For God gives us life to do as we choose.
Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.
We often become hardened and calloused in life,
So unseeing and bitter from torments and strife.

But in this small person, this sweet tiny child,
Her adorable innocence so precious and mild.
She sees with amazement, all things to her new,
She sees in this world so much beauty it’s true.
Through the children we find a new beauty in life,
Unseen by adult eyes, blinded by strife.

Children are all things all rolled into one,
Beauty and love and trust by the ton.
We pray for guidance and the strength we may need,
To keep beauty so bright in the lives that we lead.
May we give always our best, in the life that we live.
Be forthright and honest in all praise that we give.
Give strength and kindness, faith and love.
May our Lord grant us serenity and peace from above.
The Lord gives us children he places in our care,
With love and trust in their hearts, you might sometimes find rare.

Treasure each moment for as long as it lasts,
For the days fly by and the years long gone past.
Each child is so precious, so sweet and so dear.
There is so much they give, if we listen and hear.

God Bless the Little Children
God Bless us All.

Linda Joyce Williams Brown

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