Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spotlighted Author Linda Nance Shares Memories...

Cottage By The SeaImage by Saspotato via Flickr

Calloway’s Cottages

Calloway’s cottages, on an inlet to the sea,
A lagoon from the Gulf rocking gentle and free.
In a cottage so homelike it was a pleasure to be,
Overlooking the water, so much beauty to see.
A salty sea breeze rolls in to cool and renew.
Lazy clouds drift across a sky of bright blue.
A sky that no artist could begin to portray,
And the peaceful tranquility more refreshing each day.
Lookout to the water, see the fish leap and play.
It’s easy to see that the Lord’s blessed this day.

Calloway’s cottages will to me call I am sure,
In memories, joys, and peace quite so pure.
When everyday problems and pressures surround,
In memory I’ll drift back to the cottage where I found...
 joy and happiness where children can play free,
At an inlet of the Gulf, a lagoon to the sea.
The pine trees reach upward to feather the sky,
Whisper in the breeze secrets long gone by.
The smell of salt breezes as the evening draws nigh,
The color of sunset paint gently the sky.
Calloway’s Cottages in my memory will stay,
With luck I’ll be able,  to return there someday.

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