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Review: Bree MacGowan is Fantastic Fun!

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California Schemin'

By Kate George

What a Fun Read! Time stood still while I read California Schemin' in one sitting! No doubt about it, Bree MacGowan is a fantastic, fun force to be around. This main character grabs you and pulls you into action after action barely giving you time to breathe. But when she does, she forces you to begin to love her with her love for her animals and her family. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and look forward to meeting her again in this series!

California Schemin'Bree doesn't try to find trouble, but there she was enjoying the countryside, taking pictures, when her eye was caught by something moving on a bridge that stood high over her. Before she could think, she saw the body falling and hitting the water near her.

There was no hesitation, Bree went into the water to hopefully save the individual and worked to pull the woman to shore. She could still be alive, but when the blood flowed and Bree saw the bullet, she knew there was no chance for survival. She called the police on her cell and began the wait...

Bree was in California living with her lover while he worked. She was a reporter from Vermont and had realized that she was getting homesick. But, for now, she was called back to the present as she heard noises in the bushes surrounding her and the waiting body. A bear came roaming through...

Then from another direction, a man came out of the woods...

Just as the police were wading their way to her...

Fortunately, the bear and man ran and the police were soon there, immediately working their way to the body for their initial review. As Bree described what she had seen, she mentioned taking pictures as the reason for being there. Soon her latest pictures were turned over. Actually, Bree had seen little and knew nothing of help; however, that didn't mean that the individuals who had killed the woman would realize that or, more importantly, accept that.

Soon Bree was the prey and we follow her as she goes home (by way of Virginia, which was to be her destination for purposes of records) only to be abducted once she finally got to Vermont. The fun part of the book is how often and how quickly Bree is in the midst of "escape." Sometimes she escapes from protective custody, sometimes she escapes from those actually after her, and sometimes she escapes from the Feds. Let's just say that this is one gal that does not stay where she is told to stay or do what she is told to do. The result for readers is hilarious cat-and-mouse adventure.

I especially liked the shape-shifting alien who was one of the individuals following Bree. She was so outlandish in her disguises, but would openly talk to Bree about what she was going to look like next. Okay, weirdly funny...

As she realizes who is probably behind the murder, even if maybe not the guilty party, she is threatened, bribed, and, of course, forced to escape time after time. Even if she's beginning to like the looks of one of her captors and thinks the other is a cuddly bear. Really.

As I read this book, there were tornado warnings...and actual happenings surrounding my area. Bree may not have destroyed homes, trees and cars like the real one did. But when you read California Schemin' you may also begin to think of Bree as a tiny tornado! I loved the book and am looking forward to much more in this new series.

Delightfully fun adventure!

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  1. Thanks so much for this fabulous review! It makes my day when readers enjoy Bree. After all, that's why I write.


  2. And thanks for posting...I put your first book on my wish maybe by the next book out I'll be caught up!

    Thanks for feedback!