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Review: You May Never Read Another True Crime...

‎"...she had seen something that no one else would ever see...his heart. It was as black as night and as hard as titanium... " (p. 239)

Kiss Her, Kill Her

By Lisa Dewar

Tarryn was now called "The Numbers Killer" based upon his deciding to place a number on the body of those he had killed. It was somewhat paradoxical that he both wanted to be recognized but he didn't want to be compared to a specific "mo" which would allow the usual psychological evaluation to be done and allow the police to create his profile, to know what to expect. He didn't care what he used, he had no ritual, for there was really no reason for him to kill, except for one...

Kiss Her, Kill HerHis mother...and his loving, warm childhood...

As he had lived and enjoyed a wonderful childhood with his mother, he was taught and participated in poring over books, news media accounts, and long discussions on the specific actions of known serial killers, Ted Bundy, being his mother's favorite...As do many women, she even wrote many letters to him and carried on a mail relationship until he was killed. For much of her life, she was also into drugs, and upon his death, went even deeper. Just a normal life for a child to live.

Tarryn missed his childhood...and then came upon an idea for renewing his mother's life and interest in serial killing. He slowly started talking to her about the murders as they appeared on television, pointing out this issue or that as they had done so often when he was a child...and he succeeded in pulling her from depression.

Now, even though his mother was dead, he had reached the final goal of his life--to break the limit of his primary competitor. He had already killed 36 and he was looking for his 37th, his tie-breaker...he would be "bigger" than even Bundy!

And then he met Carmen. She would be even more special than he could ever have imagined. He discovered that she was going to commit suicide...What better way to celebrate than to persuade her back from the brink of death, make her want to live...and then...

Readers move deeply into two unique lives--a man who kills for the pleasurable feedback and attention he might get, and a woman who has led a life, trying to make the right decisions, but always seeming to meet the wrong people and make the wrong choices. Tarryn had never had any problem in seducing women to become interested in him and Carmen perhaps needed his attention too much at the point where she was. They went for coffee in the morning and talked and shared. And, if perhaps, Carmen became a little too involved with him, he was not surprised, after all, that was his plan!
The problem was that Tarryn had many conflicting reactions...his first thoughts...Kill Her...Kill Her... Then sometimes it was Kiss Her...Kill her. Only to be followed angrily with Kill Her, Kill Her, Kill Her, Kiss Her... 

Dewar takes readers deep. Much of the book reads like a True Crime Book of facts, stating how each of the individuals got where they were that day--Tarryn describing his kills, Carmen describing her married life. As the time for Tarryn comes to act, he moves swiftly and readers are caught moving to the edge of their seats as pages move faster and tension mounts. Uniquely written, Dewar took me where I had never been before... 

Fans of True Crime and serial killer fiction, and TV shows such as Criminal Minds will find this book strangely compelling. 

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