Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Memory Shared By Linda Nance...

Grandmother & ChildImage by Kansas Explorer 3128 via Flickr

Baby Says To Grandma

Grandma, I want to say so much, but in words Mom has to write.
Try as I may, the words I can’t say, but they shine in my eyes so bright.
Let me tell what a Grandma is, to a child as small as me.
She means joy and laughter and good times all, and all the love there can be.
Grandmas somehow never seem to mind when our bottoms become so full,
And always forgiving the little things done, we know we shouldn’t do.
Grandmas feed us good things to eat, tasting so good we delight.
Somehow things always taste much better, when Grandma feeds each bite.
Grandma holds us so gently, as we lay our heads to rest.
Grandma manages to love us some more, even days when we are a pest.
Grandma will tell you and Mom will to, I’m good as I can be.
They can see the love and warmth in my heart as I know that they love me.
Grandma’s are great as all little ones know, but you’re the greatest by far.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma I say
I love you just as you are.
Happy Mother’s Day to Grandma
I love you.
Linda J. Nance

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