Friday, March 18, 2011

Prayer of Poetry...Sharing by Linda Nance...

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Lord, Hear 

This Lonely Trucker

Lord go with me and talk with me and share the lonely miles,
Help me to spread happiness and turn sadness into smiles.
Help me as I travel the roads that are my life,
Protect me Lord and keep me, in good times and in strife.
Teach me to call your name Oh Lord, and talk in prayer to you.
Lead me, guide me, use me Lord, in everything I do.
The road keeps stretching onward, it never seems to end.
At times the life gets lonely and then a prayer I’ll send.
Be with me Lord and help me and guide me ever on.
Let me touch others along the way and remember though they be gone.
Sometimes the miles get longer and home is far away,
It is then I need your comfort Lord, to help me through each day.
And when the time should come Oh Lord, that you will call me home,
Please help me to leave peacefully, these pathways I do roam.

Lord Please Hear this lonely trucker,
And I won’t be lonely anymore.

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