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Review: YA Novel BANDITS by LM Preston is Awesome!

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By LM Preston

The author's son wanted "a gritty pirate tale." Wow! I'd say he got that and more! After all, this pirate tale is not only gritty, it is out of this world--Merwin!

As you read the story, especially in the thrilling escapades, please be alert to pay attention to the images, the creatures, the seemingly impossible acts that her characters face. Preston has a genius for not only having the imagination, but carrying that skill down to the "nitty-gritty" details! I'm going to include just one scene of many that will blow your mind as part of the total book...too good not to use an example to let you feel some of the excitement, without giving away the storyline!
It looked like the bases of the trees were turning colors. He gazed down at the dead beast at the foot of the tree in front of him. Raised his gun and jerked his eyes from tree to tree as the beasts appeared to come out of the trees and stalk him. Their gaping mouths were filled with sharp, overcrowded teeth, and their mouths were just a slit from ear to ear on their coned heads....
Daniel and his family are Zukar. They were living on Merwin, a place which was populated by thieves, hit men, or other type of criminal who would do anything, as long as they were paid. Daniel and Nickel had been thoroughly trained by their father, one of the leaders of Zukar.

Now he had been murdered. Daniel knew they had to leave immediately and get to their father's trove. His father had not been fulfilling his duties for quite some time. Though angered and confused by the changes he saw in him, Daniel had taken over to complete much of his work.

Still, he loved his father and now Daniel was burning to find who had killed him, but the more important thing was to ensure they, too, were not killed, and to get to safety.

Whether he wanted to or not, his cousin Faulk would have to go with them. Daniel didn't quite trust him because Faulk's father had last visited so that he could persuade his brother to go back to earth and start a new life. Daniel thought their life was just fine and wasn't sure Faulk was not here to try to also convince them to return home, even though Faulk had left before finishing flight school and clearly said he was there to find the adventures that he felt could be found on Merwin.

One other would leave for the treasure trove--his best friend's sister, who had been the only one he could find who could get the key to her father's ship Jade had agreed to help, but only if she could go with them!

Setting off for what could be the most dangerous adventure of their lives, the four soon became close friends--except Faulk and Daniel were both seeing Jade with new eyes... But they needed to feel safer as a team, while they fought first into the trove of her father and then on to his father's. Each had been rigged with horrible traps to prevent others from entering. That meant now Jade and Daniel had to steer them through those traps without aid of their fathers!

But Daniel's father's secret began to be unwound. He had stolen a great treasure and, instead of sharing with the Zukar, had hidden it! But this treasure was not like any other--it had the capability to destroy not only their world, but so much more!

I'm hoping this book leads on to other adventures! Taking a request from her son, LM Preston magically zips him and us into a traitorous world where the entire population are pirates--the worst kind, those that kill for profit! What brings Preston's books to life are her wonderful, courageous young adults who are tough, but willing to face any adversity that comes their way.

Then Preston begins to throw everything she's got to force those characters to fight for their lives over and over and over...with weird, strange, other-world creatures or traps set up to hoard treasure from others! The adventure is fabulously compulsory, leading to a climatic adventure that forever changes those four young adults.

So what if I'm beyond my YA years! (Book recommended for 14yrs+) Preston has become a must-read author for me!

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  2. Pirate stories are always popular with boys, and this one surely willl be too! Nice review.

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