Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Upcoming final book of More Than Angels Trilogy!

More Than Angels:

Once Upon a Dream

By Ruby Moon-Houldson
191 Pages

When I become very involved with the characters, I tend to want...more! However, Ruby Moon-Houldson’s final book, More Than Angels: Once Upon a Dream, in her More Than Angels trilogy ends so beautifully, so completely, that I found just...contentment. There were no small issues hanging, there was a feeling that Thia, the main character, had finally conquered all and was able to set aside her long dangerous career in the FBI and enjoy her husband and family!

Ok, I don’t think that is giving away the story, do you? Because you have no idea what’s happened in Once Upon a Dream! Many surprises!

Whew! Some parts were creepy!

Thia is back to having major nightmares. Her latest case brought her back to her hometown and while Colin was able to travel with her, he decided on his own that it might be good for her to stay in the house where she grew up.

That was NOT a good idea!

Thia is immediately thrust into nightmares such as when her brother was being tortured, by, of course, their father. Colin was there to comfort her, but would it be enough, because Thia found it hard to get close to him within the shadows of her childhood.

Professionally ignoring her personal past, Thia responded to a local resident when she wrote a letter to her at the FBI office that the town was being terrorized, involving drugs, stalking and much violence. There was sufficient details and background given that Thia didn’t feel she could ignore the letter, especially when there were accusations that the town’s police were involved.

A local man had become a witness for the court and in having this happen, he was taking full advantage of being protected by the law, assaulting women and anybody else who got in his way. But the town was tired of it; especially because they also knew what some of the police were doing while on duty!

While Thia begins interviews with town residents, quickly finding evidence to support the claims that had been made, she is also faced with meeting those people who had bullied her when young, still calling her “Thia Pia.” But the worst was the events in her childhood home that included spirits, shadows, and the evil that had remained until Thia had come back!

And then one night she wound up alone there and decided this was the time to open that door at the end of the hallway, only to immediately hear a low chuckle there in the dark...

Suspenseful tension, action and a final kidnapping scene that Thia alone must handle, mixed with terrifying, nightmare paranormal events will keep you riveted! If you’ve been following the More than Angels trilogy by Ruby Moon-Houldson, Once Upon a Dream must be read—it’s the best of the trilogy! If you haven’t read any, get all three! Top favorites for me!
G. A. Bixler

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