Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guest Poet and Author Mary Edwards Shares Her Latest Words...

Through The Windows Of My Heart.

If happiness is a picture Please let me paint it now

Then let me close my eyes and live in it somehow

Let me hold it in my heart and never let it go

But let it shine upon my face so all I meet will know

I only paint the happy time to send the sad away

To help me change a saddened heart
 and build a better day

To help me stand up strong and tall
 and never let me faint

Or sit back down and fold my hands
 in streaks of muddied paint

OH NO! for soon my happy heart
 will cover up the pain

And the picture of my life will be a joyous day again

I'll paint with love and happiness
 that I will soon redeem

to paint another happy day and fill it with a dream.


I wrote this from the thoughts that stayed unanswered about too little time now that it is a heavy cloak to wear.


The whistling rushing winds of time
 have caught me out,

and fulfilled no promise of the things
 I thought life owed me

I recognize, now that it is late, was me owed life

to fulfill all promises, pay all debts

Oh winds blow backwards, give me time

or back the time I tossed away in forfeit

While I waited, hands open, mind closed
 and could not see your passing.

It's not too late, is it? Not quite too late?

the Knell is not yet ringing, but still I hear time say--
there is so ... little time.

This will not win time, but it is from my head and heart

Love Mary
It is such an honor to have Mary (also author of three published novels) share her poetry, don't you think?

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