Monday, February 8, 2010

Tânia Maria Rodrigues-Peters, Author, Mozart In The Future, Calls In From Spain!

Tânia Maria is touring the world to publicize her book Mozart in the Future! 

Tania called home on the phone from  Spain recently where she had just given THE interview to Spain's biggest TV and Radio Station "Radio Televisión Española" (RTVE).

Originally, they had only wanted a few minutes but stayed in order not to miss the author reading that was given in a local book store. The book store was brimmed, packed with people, loads of them children. Tânia sat on the floor amidst the children telling them about Mozart. The camera team had difficulties getting her on screen, but she didn't care. She was there for the children not for the TV.

Although the exact time for the broadcasting the interview was not know, they shared that it will definitely be worldwide AND several times.


Mozart's House With Tour Visitors in the Front!

Mozart was quite confused with tourists wanting to take his picture,
thinking he was an actor playing "Mozart!"

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