Friday, February 12, 2010

The Legend of the Black Lake - Next Book for Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters!

The story:

A father and a son drive by a lake which draws the attention of the little boy, who asks his father to stop in order to have a closer look at the lake. Father and son get out of the car and meet an old man. The young boy, Aaron, asks the old man why the water is so dark.

Oh, that's a long story, says the old man, and tells them The Legend of the Black Lake. The story is about the impossible love between Catarina, a beautiful pale girl from Vorarlberg (the westmost federal state of Austria which has borders with Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany), and Paulo, an honest man with a big heart and good intentions who has a very, very black skin. They instantly fall in love and decide to get married. Catarina's father doesn't approve the marriage, so Paulo decides to...

On this page
there are three videos.

The first one is the official video from http://www.vorarlbergvonoben/.at (Vorarlberg from above) a state owned site where loads of helicopter videos from the state of Vorarlberg are available.

The second and the third video show illustrations of the book by Felipe Campos.

The lake itself is located here,9.659257&spn=0.0077,0.013969&t=h&z=17

There will be a "käsknöpfle" recipe, a typical local dish which Catarina serves Paulo in the book!

In the end you will know, why the water turned black.

It's very beautiful love story without a happy ending.

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