Monday, February 15, 2010

Bits & Pieces! Follow Two New Facebook Members - Great Authors!

First of all speed for dialup is always slow, but getting to the Internet is seriously impaired when snow and ice load up the my time on the Internet is way down! Sorry for any delays to my activities...just can't be helped!

Well, it's been about two weeks now that I've been snowbound in my cabin. Thankfully my sister and her husband live nearby and bring milk and other things in to me!

I have my long, windy driveway plowed out...and the plowman got stuck! So...I'm in the same situation as many of you are.

Thankfully my electricity has stayed on, although my furnace went out twice...

Oh well, I read an article that said spring was coming soon! LOL


Facebook has two new members!!!!

Tania Maria Rodrigues-Peters is now a member and check out her book Fan Page To Join Here There!


Check out Anthony Tata, Author of The Threat Series

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