Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: A Heavenly Highlight of a Golden Oldie! Irving Greenfield

by Irving Greenfield

Made into a 1990 movie directed by Richard T. Huffron, this movie was centered on an ex-Beret in the Vietnam War...

However, the original book dates back to 1979 and was written with a WWII scenario.

Irving Greenfield, who is still writing in New York these days, as well as teaching at a local college, has written over 300 novels during his career. Since we have been working together for several years now, I did a search with an on-line bookstore and have purchased about 20 of his books so far!

I had the pleasure of reading the original WWII story yesterday, staying up late to finish it in one page-turning day of adventure!


John Tagget was a very young, but bold and amazing soldier when he was asked to take on an important mission for combined U.S./British forces. He was the only soldier who would be meeting with a group who would move in to take over a specific secret designation. However, when he got there, the man, Cortez, who he was to meet and work with, was not there.

But the Germans were...
Fortunately, he was found by a small group of Frenchmen; however, the entire period he was working with them, he also was seeking a connection with Cortez...

The book alternately takes readers back into that period in 1944 when he was under the direction of MI6.

But now John Tagget is 55 and is on disability from the government. His left arm and leg were both damaged during the time he was a prisoner of war. Doctors found no medical reason for his injuries but have been treating him for years.

John had been successful in his career and was worth over a million and a half dollars. His wife had died three years ago and he was now involved with Claudia Harris, who he was thinking about more and more to making a permanent commitment to her.

But lately he had been having nightmares. At first he would not remember what had brought him trembling from a sound sleep, When he had first been liberated from the concentration camp, he had no memory and it took awhile for them to identify him has Captain Tagget. Official records had listed him as MIA after D-Day.

He spent two years in the hospital after he was back home. But he remembered nothing about what had happened during the invasion... a part of his life was still missing... were the dreams about that lost time?

He had to find out...

But as he did, people started dying...

It had started as he was reading a biography of Sir William Enright, who mentioned a certain address that was the location from which sensitive intelligence operations occurred. He recognized the address: 29 Russell Square...

Records were checked and little was found, if any... Or, records were completely gone!

While some people were willing to help him, both the FBI and CIA were not. Especially the latter, who he soon realized, were the individuals following him and eliminating those with whom he talked!

The day it all happened - June the sixth - John Tagget was nowhere near the invasion!

And for 35 years, he had lived without the use of his disabled limbs; that is, until he was fighting for his life and willed them to move in order to save his life.

John Tagget soon walked without his crippling limp and was able to fully use his arm!

What had been done to him and who was afraid for him to find out, even after 35 years?

Tagget by Irving Greenfield is about as exciting as you get for suspense, mystery and war stories. Unfortunately, for us, there seems to always be wars... So this book does not become outdated. The corruption, disinformation, lying, and power-hungry activities continues even today. And, it can happen to just one young soldier who has joined and committed his life on behalf of his country.

This Golden Oldie is a winner!

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