Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: M. L. Lacy Pens Excellent Second Novel in Chrysalis Series!

Chrysalis: Tribulations

By M. L. Lacy
ISBN: 9781449014803
448 Pages

I just finished reading my notes and review of Book 1 Chrysalis: The Awakening by M. L. Lacy and must quickly say that Book 2, Chrysalis: Tributions has not only surpassed but has moved the series into must-read status for fantasy lovers. Not only has the scope of the story expanded into an exciting novel but the writer has found her pace and style in her second book. Her words flow and pull readers in quickly and completely! Plus her blazing butterfly book cover is fantastic!

One key advantage point for Lacy's series for non-fantasy readers, including myself to some extent, is that her main character, Bree, was born a human, but a Chosen One. There is a background story that highlights why Bree was not brought into her role much earlier in her life; however, for readers, this provided Lacy the capability to explore how humans feel about "people" in the Magical world. Specifically, because of long life, vampires began sharing their mates with others during their lives. Now, for them, it is routine and considered normal. For Bree, however, she is not really interested in sharing her fiancée with anyone and, more importantly, her beliefs and feelings about sexuality are constantly being challenged and then explored.

This struggle for Bree allows non-fantasy readers an easy way to understand and consider "the life" within that Magical world. Whether or not Lacy intended this or not, it was a great benefit for me since I, too, follow Bree's beliefs. Even though that is not endorsing the way of life for Magicals...

While Bree watches, learns, and prepares for meeting her major opponent as the leader of the Magical world, Esmeralda, she also faces a power struggle within her clan. Frankly I'm enjoying the overall power struggle that underlies the Clan's structure...that is, the need for all the men to protect Bree, even though she is the Chosen One...It is funny and sweet...and darn frustrating for both Bree and for some readers to see that the men refuse to recognize her true authority...

Of course she has not yet turned...

And, of course, Bree does what she wants and needs to do anyway...

Bree is like a lot of women, we allow loved individuals to do things that we may not like until we get to the boiling point and "explode" in frustration! She may need to develop a little better control in the future; but it is sure fun to watch her explosions in the meantime! One thing though, she has remarkable skills and knowledge that is constantly surprising everybody, because her strengths and total Magical abilities should not yet have been totally provided...

It seems that even the Magicals don't really understand how much the "elders" have given and shared with Bree, their last Chosen One. Ahhh, but I would have loved to see Esmeralda's face when Bree not only entered her hidden cavern, but also freed the two prisoners that Esmeralda had planned to trade for Bree!

Readers, there is a lot happening in this nearly 500-page does stand alone; however, I would recommend you start with Book 1 to get that background established. I have a feeling the Chrysalis series by M. L. Lacy is going to go on and on... Don't miss it!

G. A. Bixler

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