Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: Richard Lucas' Followup Novel Exciting Conclusion!

Beyond Forever:

Journey to Tulmic

By Richard S. Lucas
Eloquent Books
ISBN: 9781608607679
306 Pages

I journeyed to Tulmic yesterday with Richard Lucas! What an exciting adventure! But then, I am one of the dreamers to whom Lucas dedicated his latest book, Beyond Forever: Journey to Tulmic. I can easily dream of leaving one world and moving into an unknown world, not knowing what would be there, what would happen. In real life, my bravery may not be as real, but traveling with Richard was a wonderful escape that kept me up to midnight for an ending that left a pleased smile on my face as I drifted off to sleep.

Lucas has created an exceptionally well-written opening which serves not only to set the stage for this book, but also refreshes our memories of his first novel: Four Paths to Forever. Beyond Forever definitely stands on its own; however, why would you not want to start at the beginning of this great adventure? Plan to spend the entire weekend dreaming!

Sandra Adams had been dreaming all of her life. As a child she had heard the legend of the Sipapu, the gateway to another world. Now for Sandra, her dreams were just a little more thorough than any we may have; you might say she was a professional Dreamer! And in fact, she was a descendent of the people, the Kulato, who had first come to settle on earth and received many visions to help her!

As a professor of archaeology, she had found the burial site of some of the Kulato that had come to earth. Joining with others she had discovered the entrance as the first book ended. Now six of those who had worked with her, and who, it was discovered, were also of Kulato blood had decided to leave their world and travel into the unknown.

Through the material left at the burial site and through additional research and mystical guidance, they had found that the other world had been close to total destruction. Would anything be left of that great city? Would there be air to breathe, water to drink, the ability to grow food? There was no way to know!

And then they were there! And it was so very beautiful!

As a Trekkie fan, I've always enjoyed the adventure of learning about different worlds and peoples. But Lucas' book goes deep and takes us directly into the daily world, detailing what they found and what needed to be done. I will tell you that there were a few people still living, although not all of them were sane...

One other highlight I'll share is that Sandra becomes the Shaman of Tulmic, which knocked her out for three days...and it really wasn't pretty what happened when an individual who was not "chosen" tried to gain the power that had once destroyed the Kulato world!

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended! There's even quite a bit of love and romance to spice life up!After all, not many women are faced with the possibility that all of the older members in her tribe would someday leave her, totally alone, without a mate like one of the survivors was, until...

In my opinion Beyond Forever by Richard S. Lucas, would make a great stocking stuffer for teens and adventure lovers of any age!

G. A. Bixler

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