Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review: Beautiful Mess - Guest Book Blogger Review by Janet Morris Grimes

Beautiful Mess chronicles the story of a group of six very different individuals who later became the country music sensation known as Diamond Rio. Highlighting the varied backgrounds of these men, their journey together as a group becomes even more inspiring as the reader discovers the obstacles they overcame to get to that point, right up until they changed their name and introduced their first single through Arista Records in February of 1991. That song, Meet in the Middle jumped to the Billboard number one song in the country, and vaulted the group into the hearts of millions of fans before even the members of Diamond Rio were ready for that level of attention.

As they triumphed with additional hits stretching out over two decades, such as One More Day and Beautiful Mess, they would grow to appreciate the decisions they made early on as a group that charted the course for their later success. They focused on their commitment to each other, the kind of music and lifestyle they would represent and their desire to reach out to others. As their list of accomplishments and awards grew, so did the list of those who benefitted from their success, notably through their partnership with Big Brothers, Big Sisters organizations across the country.

I enjoyed this book because it depicted Diamond Rio as one large, extended family. If one member suffered a hardship or tragedy, the others likewise shared in their pain.

Whether or not you are a fan of country music, if you are a fan of loyalty, overcoming hardships, parents who recognize and feed the talent they see in their children, and believing that God can be trusted to lead down unexpected and thrilling paths, you must read this amazing story.

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