Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review: Dr. Nedd Shares Happiness Is Available - Now and Always!

The Time to be Happy is Now

By Kenford Nedd, M.D.
ISBN: 9780973329117
245 Pages

One day you’re walking down the sidewalk, notice you’re walking at a brisk pace, feeling slightly euphoric, and you realize—I’m happy!

Yes, many of us actually become surprised to realize that we’re having a moment of happiness! But Dr. Nedd, as he is known on television and radio programs has important news in his latest book: The Time To Be Happy Is Now!

Medical Doctor Kenford Nedd provides a beautifully presented book that provides in each chapter a short meditation or quote, an indepth narrative, and then a final “Quick Prescription.” In fact, this Quick Prescription can be used to remind you each week of the year, what Dr. Nedd has highlighted in such a fantastic manner. You will also find QuickTips and self-diagnosis questions to ponder. Additionally, there are exercises that will help relieve stress and just get your body moving!

Frankly, I wish I’d had this book in my hand about five years ago when my doctor told me, “It’s either your job or your life.” How many of us have heard similar words, or even more terrifying, know it within ourselves, but have not talked to anybody about it. I was diagnosed with clinical depression—actually I was just burned out—from my job and having nothing else in my life but my job!

That’s my short story, but you and millions of other people across the world may also realize, “I am not happy” with my life!

When you start reading The Time to be Happy is Now you may have different reactions: this is too easy, or this book is not going to help me with my problems. Guess what, it may not. “Happiness is growth. Take a hard look at yourself. The ability to see yourself as you really are is a crucial part of becoming a happier person.” (p. 6)

So, the real question is, do you want to be happier? Then, Dr. Nedd continues, “It takes guts to change and grow...” (p. 6)

Here are some guiding thoughts that were especially meaningful to me:

· Be silent, it is an important part of your life.
· You and your feelings often fall behind your job as a priority in your life!
· This is cool—“Happiness is an inside job.”
· We must work to create happiness.
· Feel your own feelings...
· Look at beauty, smell the pleasant things...all around you!
· Laugh...
· Get rid of the TV for awhile...
· When you know you are not happy, stop and think why you are not!
· Say to yourself over and over: “Happiness comes in moments...”

There is so much in this book; you may want to use it as a workbook over a period of time. But, no matter how you use it, this is a must-read addition to your personal library! You deserve to be happy! Keep this book near you until some of the activities are routine, because only you know whether The Time to be Happy is Now by Kenford Nedd is for you...

Are YOU happy?

G. A. Bixler

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