Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review: Thriller or Cozy Mystery - Toftoy's It's In The Eyes is Different!

It’s In The Eyes

By Charles Toftoy
Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781432711962
309 Pages

I think I recognized the eyes on the cover of It's In The Eyes by Charles Toftoy! Is that scary...or what? Actually, I found this book more like a cozy mystery than a true suspense novel--even if the storyline is about a "psychopath stalking coeds!"

The book was inspired and written in memory of an undergraduate student who was raped and murdered near George Washington University, as well as other women who have been victimized. Kudos to the author for this remembrance!

Lars Neilsen is a college professor and part-time sleuth, the latter perhaps due to his being brother-in-law to Deputy Chief Cory Swink. In any event, he was kneeling over the body of the latest victim, Candance, when first he realized that she looked very much like his daughter who had been killed in an accident, and second that he had received a message from her still-open eyes: "Please get him."

Although Lars was clearly told by the Chief to stay away from the case, he and his group of friends/professionals, code name Alpha Team, knew that they would be working it, one way or another! And Lars, especially, was out for revenge!

Tiger (Nate) who has been with Lars for many years tries to keep things light, even at the darkest he'll share a joke just about every time the Team meets. While Doris who was with the FBI and still has many connections is able to provide the team with the right information at the right time. The last member of the team is Brenda, a reporter for The Post, who is willing and able to ensure the paper is used in whatever way possible to assist in the capture of those guilty of crimes!

Actually, there is quite a bit of side activities by Lars, the Team Leader, who is entranced by Doris who looks like Veronica Lake, but still manages to respond to Brenda "at the right time." While the mother of the victim, and the lady paying for their services, also finds a need to have personal meetings with Lars...whenever...

But The Team does get the job done, first, by having Lars travel to Dublin to follow a major clue and assist in the hunt and capture of a "Thuggee," killers who are faithful to the Goddess Kali--a very dangerous goddess indeed! And then back to find out what the team has found out!

Expect to read a different kind of book and you'll find that It's In The Eyes by Charles Toftoy just might be right for you! Because, after all, it is in the eyes--of the reader!

G. A. Bixler

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