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Dawn - Another Love Poem from Adolph Caso...

I am a Rose, My Heart Opens at Dawn....Image by -RejiK via Flickr
I am a rose, my heart opens at Dawn
Sing Alongside The Waves The Song of Love...Image by -RejiK via Flickr
Sing Alongside the Waves, the Song of Love


or, another Love Poem

by Adolph Caso

Turning into stone

its back pressed into the bed

the exhausted faun remains at rest position,

next to the naked woman

incomprehensible of the metamorphosis

before her eyes,

the rims of its heavy nostrils oscillating

to the rhythm of a pump

pushing life-giving air

which spreads throughout his body—

electric circuits completing themselves until

its hoofs turn into feet.

No thought to:

was there another road


is there another road in my life,


can I look for that

which I have not lost

and live in a world without reality

as I walk my daily and only road

of my existence?

Oh Proust and Frost,

how do you find

that which was not lost?

Pascoli’s rose

is no less vibrant or painful--

its petals no less laden

than my sister’s rose

whose perfumed membranes

continuously reach my own nostrils,

in real time

when shades of pink stream through

its pinkish petals filling my cells,

or when my soul needing reassurance

of who and what we were

confirm who and what we are,

never wishing

to have taken another road!

All but disappeared

except for the single stem

bending to passing breezes

its sharpened thorns--

tempered by the cold morning air--

they rip at my skin

like saw-grass serrating the walls

from within the heart.

Coagulated ringlets of blood

filling each point of entry

emit wisps of scented perfume

to their nostrils


to another awareness.

Her back again pressed into his arms

He extends his hand onto her breast:

“Where do we go from here?”

he asks, his voice subdued and uncertain.

“Nowhere!” she exclaims,

as she presses his hand

tighter around her breast.


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